First run and first impressions

We are here! The Waby’s have invaded the USA for good. Mwaahaahaahaa.
 Little bug survived 24 hours of travel like a pro. I hardly survived though! Soon, very soon I’ll write a post about long-haul flights with a baby.

Ok, first impressions of being in the US after 4 years away.
1. I forgot how nice everyone is
2. All food in SUPER SUPER-sized. I went into a coffee shop and 1 single brownie could easily last me a week!
3. Target only got better 🙂
(Her outfit reminds me of something my MIL would wear…right Deb?)
4. There are WAY too many stops lights where we are at…and everyone here actually drives the speed limit! What a travesty!
5. People bend over backwards for those with a baby. We were treated like royalty in all the airport lines.
6. My mother has enough food in the house to last another depression
(I tried the pumpkin flax granola with homemade PB and a whipped greek yogurt!)
7.  Nothing beats carpet or American grass…

8. Except a crisp early morning run!

My first run USA style was not what I expected. It was HEAVY. As in the air. Where I used to lived may have been in the mountains but “sea level” was only a few miles away.  I was huffing and puffing within 15 minutes here which I think is about 5000 ft above SL. Darn it! I’ll have to take it easy till I adjust.

I was rather excited about NEW running shoes and socks! Kid in a candy store is all I’m going to say 🙂

Here are my new views.

I’m not complaining. I saw 4 dog walkers and everyone said hello to me with a great big smile. I heart Americans! P.S. did I mention that we were up at 4am. This was morning 2 in the US. I was out the door by 5:15am and I could have easily been out at 4:45 if I wanted to. NOT used to the sunrise time difference at all. Need thicker curtains.

But the worst of the jet-leg is over. And thankgoodnessforthat. I had a really bad day on Wednesday. I was tired. I was over-caffinated. I was missing Spain. But lucky for me, I had a surprise visitor that night from one of the greatest friends a girl could ask for. Life back in the US is starting to come together nicely!

On a random note…I’m so utterly glad and ecstatic that my mom saved all my toys from when I was little! Here are a few gems that I found in the toy box.

Nothing, I mean NOTHING beats a toy from the 80s. Am I right or am I right!

More to come on my adventures back in the heartland! You would be amazed at what amazes me!



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7 responses to “First run and first impressions

  1. Brenda Dubs Paulsel

    Welcome home to your beautiful family.

  2. Deb

    I think I have signed Jackie up your blog but not sure if I did it right. Is there any way you can check

  3. Emily

    Welcome back, Kristen! Love the pictures and just have to tell you, my mom saved all of our toys too and REESE LOVES THEM! Loves them more than any toys she has. She runs right for Mr. Potato Head and all the Little People. Ahhh, so fun! Hope we get to see you sometime! Enjoy!

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