Travel Nook: Adios Espana

It was the last of everything today. The last sunrise, the last bath in my giant tub, the last Spanish coffee, the last sunset and the last supper.

The Waby fam headed to the beach restaurant Cafeteria Mediterraneo, a hotspot for this family for over 10 years! It’s a very special place to all of us and it was only suitable to have our last supper here!

The food is cheap and excellent…and the beer is cheaper!

That my friends is a club sandwich like no other in the world! Chicken salad that no chef could compete with (I think the secret is the mayo), bacon, onion, lettuce and a sunny-side egg as the crown. I did well today, I’d say I finished about 65% of it!

This spot has hosted “people watching” marathons for years and it’s sad that I can’t bring it with me!

I’m to the point now where I’m so tired that it’s taking over the sadness of the situation but as I was looking through photos of the past 4 years, I realized that I shouldn’t be sad. I’ve reached higher, dreamed bigger and experienced more here than I ever had before. In 2007 when I up and left my job (well-paying job at that), ended my previous engagement, and abandoned my friends and family and everything I’d ever knew, I did not have total and complete support for my decision. But, I had (and still have) a few friends who did believe in me and my decision and one of those friends gave me a journal with my all-time favorite quote on the front cover.

Go in the direction of your dreams…live the life you imagine. Henry David Thoreau

(Funnily she had no idea that this was my favorite quote…she just knew me well enough)

And you know what…over these past 4 years, I did just that. I went in the direction of my dreams. I did live the life I imagined!

That’s me in 2007 in my 2004 Cutlas Supreme on my way to Kenosha, WI. I stayed with another bestie of mine and flew out of Chicago to Spain! Little did I know that amazing events that would start to unfold…

I fell in love again, but during that, visited amazing cities like Barcelona, London and Dublin…

I even ran a marathon there (Dublin)!

I was welcomed with open arms into the wonderful Waby family. It felt like I was always part of their family.

I got to complete my 3rd marathon in Barcelona as well!

And how could I forget getting engaged!

Spain made me a better and stronger runner with it’s insane mountains! This 1/2 marathon, I was ankle deep in water for many miles and almost blown over many times by the hurricane winds!

And I not only got 1 wedding…but 2 weddings in Europe. The civil one was in Gibraltar and the traditional ceremony in England!

I went on my dream honeymoon in the Maldives!

Then…we had a baby.

That changed everything. EVERYTHING.

OUR dreams changed.

Now, together, the three of us…WE are going in the direction of our dreams. WE are living the life WE imagined.

All packed up and ready to go, it’s time for the next chapter. These few pics don’t even come to describe the amazing memories and life I had here in Spain…and the people. Unfortunately I have 10 minutes to finish this before I changed little bug into her plane gear so I must say goodbye to Spain.

Thank you for 4 incredible, indescribable, soul-searching years!



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6 responses to “Travel Nook: Adios Espana

  1. Emily

    Kris…this is so sweet and heartfelt and touching. It’s amazing how when you follow your heart, your dreams really can come true! So happy for you! Hope to see you, meet your hubs and that beautiful girl of yours! Safe travels my dear!

  2. Katie

    Safe Travels!!!! You brought a tear to my eye! Let me know if you will ever be in Sioux Falls!! Would love to meet “little bug”

    Katie (Horstmeyer) Davis

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