Our Last Weekend in Spain

It’s Monday morning. I cannot believe that it’s MONDAY MORNING. Where did the weekend go? Where did the last week go? Where did my sanity go?!

Today is our last full day in Spain; we’ll be saying “adios” to quite a few family members, buying last minute keepsakes, taking in those last few Spanish moments and running around packing yet ANOTHER box! It’s mindbogglingly I must say. The weekend was busy, memorable, sad, fun, and tiring.

Here’s a quick rundown of the craziness I experienced:
Friday: Meal out with inlaws on Friday Night to our favorite place
Saturday: 3 mile run, threw a surprise baby shower for the brother-in-law and wife, afternoon at the park, snack and game night with inlaws
Sunday: 7.5 mile run up the mt to Mijas, day at the lakes by El Chorro, farewell drinks with friends, final pack-up

I’m hallucinating or in a bit of a trance right now from all the events plus packing, and cleaning and the HEAT is crazy which doesn’t help. Here are a few pic highlights from the weekend. I really didn’t capture too many of the memories but here are a few!

A perfect weekend! A tiring weekend, but a perfect weekend.

I’m outta here though, I refuse to spend my last day on the computer for more than necessary!



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2 responses to “Our Last Weekend in Spain

  1. 36 hours and counting on this end,have a great flight,Love and hugs sent to all

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