Baby Nook: Little Bug’s 13 Month Favorites

My baby bug is 13 months old today. 13 months doesn’t really sound right anymore though. Now, she is simply 1. Here are the little bug stats:
Weight: 19 pounds

Height: about 28 1/2 inches

Her favorite foods are eggs; cheese sandwiches; bananas; overnight oats; avocado mixed with tuna, cheese and yog; wheatabix and any form of bread. She’s on 2 bottles but dropping the morning bottle in the US next Wednesday morning. The 5th tooth has made it’s appearance. Nursery rhythms are her version of the Billboard 100 with Wheels on the Bus her current no. 1! “Go to Sleep” and “Go Crazy” are here favorite games. She’s ready to walk and has been for about 4 months but refuses to let go (I’m so okay with that), yet she climbs stairs as if she’s been doing it her whole life. She’s a LOUD babbler. She loves making elephant and sheep noises best. She thinks kisses and hugs are the same thing. If you ask her “who’s beautiful,” she points to herself. We are creating a little monster I tell ya!

Favorite books this month are: Ten Fat Sausages, Going to Bed Book, 8 Silly Monkeys, Moo Baa La La La, Brown Bear Brown Bear

Favorite toy: puzzle blocks

Favorite activity: slides at the park
My favorite 13 month milestone is that she has finally turned into a cuddler, before she pushed away but now she loves a good snuggle and even a few minutes of rocking each night and at nap time. I find it very strange that she hated rocking until now. I suppose that is a good thing though because I never had to rely on rocking her to sleep, she was that baby would preferred to leap out of my arms and into her crib. But now…now she loves looking into my eyes as I sing “Hush Little Baby” or “Twinkle Twinkle” to her! It’s the best feeling 🙂




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2 responses to “Baby Nook: Little Bug’s 13 Month Favorites

  1. Happy 13th month Birthday Vienna and we will see you in a few days ready with hugs and kisses

  2. That’s a cute little monster… Happy 13th month birthday baby Vienna… I was just browsing your photos and you are so fit to be a mom… Makes me inspired to get back right on track on staying fit. Are you homeschooling baby vienna or are you going to enroll her in a school?

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