Runners Nook: I ran FAST…and ate some pastry!

It’s Thursday but let’s rewind back to Wednesday morning. THIS is what I woke up to.
That is wind…serious wind! I hate wind. I can handle it when running but not when it involves running up a mountain; therefore, my 7.5 mile run had to wait until dusk. I was annoyed I tell you and I was determined to do SOMETHING with myself at 6:30am. I did 10 minutes of yoga (mostly downward facing dogs and planks) followed by about 5 minutes of doing every kind of plank I could think of. This = tired arms šŸ™‚

With 6 days left in sunny Spain, Wednesday was a packed day full of gatherings and errands. First, little bug took the spotlight with a play-date with family at Pirate Park.

It’s a shame these two will be separated because they are finally realizing that one another exists!

Then I had needs…a need for speed pastry! We went to a random pasteleria right by the park and picked this out.
I don’t know exactly what to call this but it’s sort of like the fruit pizza that we have in the US but this is more of a fruit tart/pie.

The middle is a thick custard with the fruit and glaze topping it off. I give this an 8 out of 10 considering I devoured this in about 90 seconds šŸ™‚ I was famished to be fair but no, it was just that good! The crust was slightly crumbly and the filling was just sweet enough but not so sweet that I was craving more.

The afternoon was a perfect couple of hours with my sister, Laura. Just like the US, Spain is currently having their big summer sales! It makes absolutely no sense to shop and buy at this time but when sister Laura wanted to hang out for the day and shop, I couldn’t say no! 2 scarves and 4 pairs of earrings later (spending only ā‚¬15) oh, and a pint and it was an afternoon of success! My sister has lived in Japan, England and Spain and her words of wisdom belong in a self-help book!

Now on to the title of this post, “I ran FAST.” 7.5 miles, 10 hills (yes, that’s TEN HILLS) and I’m happy to report that I did indeed run fast…just as my training plan told me to! The result: 8:38 PER MILE!!! That is easily 1 minute faster than I’ve been doing. I was so excited (and exhausted) when done that I could barely move. I have not ran that well since my last 10k back in 2007 in Minneapolis! Yay, me!

I celebrate with a beer (Heineken) and a healthy and very random supper. I was too lazy and tired to photograph it so use your imagination:
Kidney bean chorizo jacket sweet potato
1/2 Sweet Potato
1/4 c. kidney beans (smashed up with a fork)
3 T finely chopped chorizo
2 T cheddar
Pile it, mash it, eat it. Can you guess that I’m trying to clear out the fridge? Oddly enough, it was pretty good!

Getting out of bed this morning was another situation. My legs were a-hurtin. Lucky me even woke up a 4am with aching legs. They were so upset at me that they refused to let me go back to sleep for an hour. But it’s nothing that a cup of coffee and an hour with my girl at the beach can’t solve!

And then look what was behind me when hanging up the laundry…
GRAPES! I had NO idea that there were thousands of grapes at my feet! I called hubby right away to make sure I wasn’t seeing things!

Plump, juicy and ready for me to eat…I might have to wait to clear out the fridge…

Look at my little surprise that hubby brought me home…
With a pretty box like that, there is only one thing that could be inside…

Now, THAT’S what I’m talking about! Ok, I’ll admit it now, I told hubs to bring me a pastry home but it was his job to pick one out. This has a flaky (very flaky) crust with fruit and cream in the middle then topped with the flaky crust again but with an almond shell and powdered sugar. I’ll give this a 7 out of 10.

Cons: I had to use a knife and fork because the almond topping was so hard. This was a bit too dry for my liking.

Pros: The almond topping was amazing, this would be perfect with a coffee, it was a size of my hand

My reaction to most Spanish food is that the first few bites I’m thinking, oh, this is alright, I guess. But by the end I’m thinking, this is REALLY nice. That is how I felt about this pastry. I loved that I wasn’t stuffed or on a sugar high and I didn’t feel guilty about eating it either because of the light flaky texture. I would eat it again if it was offered but I would not go out and buy it.

That is now 3 pastries in 3 days to fulfill my Wishlist requirement, but I’m still on the search for the perfect Spanish pastry. There is always tomorrow!

Exciting happenings for the rest of my day:
Mommy meetup with my friend Vicki and her daughter
Final Zumba class in Spain
Supper out with the MIL (!!)

I live on the wild side!


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