Runners Nook: A Pastry at the Finish Line

It’s only Tuesday and the Waby trio have already set a schedule for this insane week:
Early mornings are for me
Late mornings are for family time
Afternoons are for cleaning
Late afternoons are for family time
Night times are for others

We said our first goodbyes last night…but first…a surprise from baby and hubs!

Ahh, he really knows how to cheer a lady up! After cleaning and sweating most of the afternoon these were a perfect start to a fun night with our friends.
Not an impressive Margarita but it’ll do! At least the company was good = My good friend Ashton and her partner Jeff (sorry Jeff, I forgot to get a pic of you)!

The wine was going down rather nicely which is more that I can say about my tough-as-nails Duck fillet! This was our easiest goodbye as we know we’ll see them in the US later this year. If Europe had a USA fan club, they would be the presidents of it, that is how much these two friends love the United States! They were so excited for us which was a nice change from the buckets of tears that were shed on Saturday night.

An early 6am start for me to get some little bits and pieces done before the fam rolled out of bed. It was a titch cloudy this morning which kept it 80 degrees instead of 95, a great excuse to have a family run!
It was a crappy 3 mile run though. For some reason, my abs were really sore. I was running a slow jog and the whole time I felt as if I had side stiches! No fun but I at least had something to look forward to!

In efforts to complete my Wishlist with style it was due time for some pastry action! This great little Danish bakery didn’t have a large selection today but when I heard that there was a maple pastry, my heart was set. It was sweet, flaky and still warm and the perfect size. I give it a 7 out of 10…it hit the spot but it was nothing I’d gush over and buy again. And the coffee I’ll be generous and give it a 3 out of 10. It was severely short in the “coffee” department, too much milk – blek! Oh well, I still have a few days and a lot more pastelerias to hit up!

Little bug sort of kept quite with a German fashion mag, she was a bit antsy for some slash time in the sea!

Today was the first time that she didn’t freak out when the water touched her feet. A good 10 minutes was spend running in and out of the sea!

The afternoon baby naptime was productive as we packed our last 3 boxes!!!!! 10 boxes in total will be waiting for us when we land next week. How in the heck did we accumulate THAT much stuff I don’t know!

Hubby, the packing professional!

It’s a solo night for me as hubs is out with his dad and brothers so I took the opportunity to make Dana’s Vegetarian Enchiladas for one!
They are quick and simple just like her recipe says! I followed most of her instructions to the letter except I added some rice in with it.
Delish and my tummy is mega full! The best part is that it tasted like I spent and hour making them AND the cleanup only took a few minutes! Thanks Dana! Now it’s time to continue soaking up the views…tick, tock, tick, tock 6 days left.

What’s your favorite quick meal?

What’s better packing or unpacking?

Are you a beach person or a mountain person?



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5 responses to “Runners Nook: A Pastry at the Finish Line

  1. Katie

    Safe travels back to the US!!! So fun reading your blogs! šŸ™‚

  2. The Hubs

    I only just noticed but the box in that picture is labeled wrong!! LOL it should be box 8!!

  3. Favorite quick meal is either eggs and toast or a frozen Amy’s/Kashi meal.

    I’m much better at packing – i HATE unpacking!

    I’m more a beach person but I do love the mountains as well!

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