Travel Nook: Wishlist Update

It started off as being 7 months till we move. Now the day is creeping up and creeping up fast. A few months ago I made a Wishlist of things I wanted to do before moving away from Spain, let’s find out how I’m doing!

Kristen’s Wishlist of things to do before we move
1. Visit the Buddhist Temple in Benalmadena – CHECK!

2. Eat homemade churros with chocolate – CHECK!

3. Learn how to make Spanish tortilla – CHECK (thanks for my fabulous sister-in-law)

4. Re-visit Portugal – CHECK

5. Revisit Rhonda – Pending? The only time we might have is the last week, so we aren’t sure if this will be possible!

6. Hit up as many ferias in the area during the summer (Spanish fairs) – Pending? We missed one just last week ;(

7. Head up to the International Food Festival in Mijas – CHECK

8. Take little bug to the Zoo – CHECK

9. Actually eat the pastries I take so many pictures of – mmm, need to work on this one! I’m quite surprised at this one. Paris is really the only place I’ve had any lately.

10. Find a Spanish antique store and buy some treasures to bring back to America – still working on finding one close by!

11. Have lunch in Old Marbella in Orange Square – Someone please take me ;(

12. Drink lots of Spanish wine – Ch-Ch-Ch-CHECK!

13. Eat even more Spanish cheese – CHECK (but it’s been cheese from all over Europe as well)

14. Take as many photos as possible – duh simply by doing this blog!

Not too bad! There are also a ton of things we have also been doing that I forgot to put on the list — eating out at our favorite restaurants, going to the parks and all that! Although we’ve been enjoying Spain to it’s fullest, I still feel as though all I’ve been doing is washing, ironing, packing (in that order) and cleaning!However, it’s 2 weeks now, so we better get-a-crackin’!

This weekend on the 9th is our going away party. It’ll have a hint of inspiration from the 4th of July complete with a BBQ, lots of watermelon, cold salads and an American inspired dessert display.

So how am I feeling about all this? Well, I’m starting to get more ready as the days pass and the shelves become more empty, but it’s a bitter sweet move. I wish I could pack up my in-laws and bring them with me. I’ve seen them almost every single day over the past 4 years and it will definitely be a hard adjustment.

I am excited for the big move for so many material and selfish reasons. As I’m a person of lists…here we go!

Kristen’s Strange List For Things I’m Excited About in the US!
Target (’nuff said)
A helpful smile in every aisle (as in friendly people with great customer service)
The positive and optimistic attitudes of everyone you meet
Snow at Xmas
Diet Root Beer
Spinach Artichoke dip at every restaurant chain (mmm)
Happy Hour
24-hour diners
Running trails
Sidewalks (don’t laugh)
Public restrooms (ok, now laugh)
Sporting stores
Farmers Markets
My hair dresser (I’ve gone to her since being 20)
Running buddies (hopefully)
…ok, I’m getting carried away.

You see listing and thinking about these weird things (family and friends you are weird too and I am thinking of you as well) are what keep me going because most days my eyes fill with tears as I think about leaving my only sister, my fab niece, my insanely cool ‘rents in-law, my talented younger “brother” and everyone else I’ve come to care about.

I don’t really know how to end this now…

Ok, I’m totally changing the subject because I’m torn between happy and sad…today I’m getting a hair cut. Get this, my last hair cut was…NOVEMBER! That was just a trim as well. My hair is gross and has no style. After today, my hair will still be gross and have no style but at least the ends will be semi-healthy. I’m leaving my hair for my SD hairdresser to rescue! (Good luck Laura on that one!)

Then it’s on to picking up new glasses (which I’m equally excited about) and for a run on the beach! After little bug goes to bed it’s packing, packing, packing, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! I live to excite!




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