Family now that’s Something Special

18 days. 18 mornings. 18 suppers. 18 “Goodnights.” That’s not a lot of time to fit in a million kisses, 10 million hugs, 20 zillion goodbyes and 50 ba-gillion tears. 18 days, that’s not a lot of time at all.

In efforts to do Something Special everyday until our journey to the US we are trying to cram in family time as much as possible.

Wednesday the MIL, little bug and I ventured over to see my sis and her daughter.

My niece is something utterly unique and special. At 4, she is fluent in Spanish and English and almost fluent in Polish. She’s a wild child with a true American voice…meaning she’s nice and loud like her mommy and I. She can add numbers like a 7-year-old, draw, paint, create and play “make-believe” like no one I’ve every seen.

She sparkles every room she walks into. She is definitely a charmer. I love this little girl like my own.

I was excited that we were able to see hubby’s aunt as well. Isn’t it sad that it takes moving across the world for us to get together with family. I see them a lot, don’t get me wrong but it never seems like enough.

I feel like we could have visited family more on the weekends, gone out for coffees, or taken the kids to the park.

But I think if we had done all that, it STILL wouldn’t seem like enough. No more what if’s, or should have done that’s, we simply want to do what we can NOW!

Families are like fudge – most are sweet with a few nuts! Author unknown

Thursday hubby took little bug to see his cousin and her two daughters. They are so full of life…and trouble! 

I hope you checked out that hat! Little bug in a lady bug hat…it’ll go perfectly with her lady bug trunki. Yup…I’m one of THOSE moms!

That night we took hubby’s brother, Jake out to Hard Rock Cafe in Marbella.

All I will say about Jake is that whatever girl snags his heart is going to be treated like a princess for life! (And if that girl breaks his heart, I’ll hunt her down 😉 )
Don’t hubby and Jake SO look alike!

The Purple Haze stole my heart. A bit sweet but it fulfilled my “I need a drink” fix!

We met up with some good friends as well and were out WAY past our bedtime (12:30 mind you), so much so that I slept in and rescheduled my run for later. The 2 coffees I had by 11am were well worth it though. I simply don’t want to get to the US and think, “I wish we would have seen xx one more time,” or something like that.

You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them. Desmond Tutu

Hubby is in England this weekend for a meet-up with his football mates, but I get to have my own fun as well. I’m heading to the spa tomorrow with a friend (yay), running 12.5 miles on Sunday (double yay) and will be spending lots of time with my in-laws (always a yay on that one).

And since hubby is gone, I can eat all kinds of food that he despises and watch as many of the Saw series as I want to!! I’m still debating between a Twilight marathon or Saw marathon…I’m leaning towards Saw though. BTW, I’m a HUGE fan of scary movies…even the lame ones.

Have a great weekend! If you are US-based, Happy 4th of July weekend!!!

When our relatives are at home, we have to think of all their good points or it would be impossible to endure them. George Bernard Shaw

What are you doing for the 4th?

Scary movies…yes or no?

Saw marathon or Twilight marathon?


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  1. Oh my Ifeel as if I am there? Savannah is a Doll too

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