Baby Nook: Oh, the things we do!

I wish I could be a mom would could simply chill on the floor with my baby for hours playing with a few toys. I’m the type-A/hippie/farmgirl/sporty mommy who never sits still. What does that produce? A baby who doesn’t sit still either!

I love being “mom” for a bagillion reasons and one of those is PLAY. I love to watch her play and discover every day, every second, every where, every thing! Here are some of the fun things my 1-year-old did last week.

Wednesday we did a lot of activities centered around music.

For her birthday she was given a new music DVD called “A Day Full of Songs,” which is very British and old school. She loved it! There’s something babies love about other kids singing songs!

To add to her musical talents..

The “drums” are her lunch warm-up rockout most day. It’s pretty much the only thing that gives me 15 minutes of peace, if you can call it that, which means I prep lunch for the both of us! After lunch we resume with the drums as I play “We Will Rock You” and “We Got the Beat.”

Summer weather rocks and I plan on using up as much sunlight as possible to explore the outside world which is what we did on Thursday. It’s been a good month since our last nature hunt so I figured it was due.

Wild flowers that grow around neighbors houses, leaves from all sorts of plants and trees make for a good time for baby and momma.

My goal is basically to keep them out of her mouth. Her goal is to get them in her mouth or to destroy them as quickly as possible! After the destruction, we moved on to finding all the pine cones in the backyard.

Usually she thinks they are balls and tries to kick them around but on this day she spent a good 10 minutes putting them up on the table and taking them off. This is when I think that I should keep a book on me at all times.

Friday was cloudy and slightly cooler so we spent all morning playing with her favorite kick ball.

Rolling, kicking, bouncing, dribbling…lots of entertainment wrapped around something that costs a few euros!

I know, my life is one big ball of excitement but like I said, I am not one to sit on the floor all day and play with toys. OH, and don’t think I entertain her 100 percent of her day either! Ha, that would send me to the looney bin in about a week. What works for me thus far is to pick 1 activity that I really, really want to do with her that isn’t part of our normal routine, for instance: swimming, playing in the paddling pool, painting or whatever…and when I’m done with my daily mommy/wifey duties, we do that activity. This week I hope to get her in the pool most days and to trying “cooking” with her as well. These little extra bits here and there help me as a stay-at-home mom keep my sanity and help break up the routine a bit.

If there are any stay-at-home mom’s out there that have ideas, please let me know. I’m always looking for new things for us to do!

Here are my 3 favorite Mommy blogs that inspire me:
Yes, I was cake
The Imagination Tree

I hope they insired you too! Have a great week!


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  1. What amazing photos of Vienna and it looks like she will be a very smart addition to our home,maybe she can teach us a thing or three??!!

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