Something Spanish, Something English is Something Special

Ever have one of those days when you look in the fridge and everything looks pretty dang good? Thursday was that day. Most days my virgo-ness is on full-blast when it comes to planning out my meals, and my lunch was simply going to be a Green Monster. Then I saw my beloved Beet Root! Oh how I forgot I bought you. Then I saw the pepperoni for the salad I was making for San Juan. Mmm, salty-greasy-unhealthy pepperoni and all I could think about was the Old Chicago sandwich Italian Melt (my favorite sandwich to date).

The decision was really getting to me. I felt all sweaty and clammy that I would make the wrong choice! I couldn’t let go of any of them…so I had a bit of it all.

1/3 of my GM shake, 1/2 beet root, and 1/2 Italian melt sandwich…which turned into an open-face sandwich. That’s my person mind trick. If I have an open-faced sandwich, I feel like I’m eating more than if it was a 1/2 sandwich!

Delicious, simple and totally satisfied!

After an insane sweat session at Zumba (I swear it was 100 degrees in there), and a much-needed hair washing session…I was pumped and geared up for SAN JUAN!!!!! I love San Juan. It’s one of my favorite summer fun things in southern Spain.

Here’s the DL on San Juan. (source)

San Juan is June 24th and it’s all about changes. It is about night to day; it is about fire to water. Fire purifies and water recuperates, refreshes, and rejuvenates.

In Andalucia (this is my part of Spain), San Juan is celebrated on the night of June 23rd . June 24th has the shortest night of the year, and bonfires are the theme of the night. Men and women, young people and children, all spend time to build these bonfires.

According to tradition, if people jump over a bonfire three times on San Juan’s night at midnight, they will be cleansed and purified, and their problems burned away. It is ritual that rules at San Juan. People then wash their faces and feet in the sea three times in order to be granted three wishes and for a happy twelve months thereafter. Bathing at this time is also said to be beneficial for skin complaints.

We camped out as close to the sea as possible without getting washed away! The weather was a pooper though=foggy and humid but we didn’t let that spoil the fun.

Sorry for the lame quality photos. Darkness + my camera=crap photos.

Sand and babies are not fun either.

Everyone on the beach also brings drinks and little portable grills for some summertime goodies! My pleasures of choice: San Miguel

and a Cumberland sausage with dried onions to top! Crunchy, salty, fatty goodness 🙂 My tummy was dancing with happiness.

 The English make a mean sausage I tell you!

Hubby’s proud bonfire!

Unfortunately we could not partake in the midnight fire jumping wish making extravaganza! We had a little girl who needed her bed.

Friday brought on a big family meal with hubby’s aunts and uncle. We tried out a new place that served…wait for it…FISH N CHIPS!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so I haven’t had Fish n Chips since BEFORE pregnancy and I’ve been dying to have it! You see, this lovely English meal usually leaves me feeling slightly ill so I avoided it all during pregnancy. I’ve not avoiding it now though!

I did what any sensible crazy fitness freak would do…I ran to the restaurant! I needed to run 5 miles anyways so why not! My family loves me enough to put up with my smell! Of course it was just my MIL and daughter sitting by me!

I celebrated this Fish N Chip occasion in style!
I lead a good example, huh.

Pardon the bad photos again…

It was Fish N Chip and Surf N Turf craziness going on at this table!

This is exactly what I wanted!

Crunchy, yummy, greasy goodness again and again with each bite!
Totally worth every calorie! The chips (fries) were not homemade which was a big downer, but a good thing for my tummy as I was feeling a bit ill afterwards. (still worth it though)

Again, little bug needed her beauty sleep so it was a short night for this little family!

Have a great weekend everyone! This weekend, we are celebrating a friend’s birthday at an Asian restruant and doing a car boot sale to get rid of stuff. (p.s. I didn’t know what this was until a few years back…a car boot sale is like a giant rummage sale with tons of cars selling stuff out of their boot, aka trunk) Wish us luck! Hopefully we get rid some things!


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  1. That was a fond memory,you girls look awesome

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