27 days till M-Day…what was special about today?

I decided to schedule my 5 miles and opt for some extra bed-time followed by doing something for myself.

10 minutes of relaxing and much-needed yoga out by the pool followed by 20 minutes of reading and coffee-time!

My view straight-on.

My view to the right.

If you are new to reading this blog and hate seeing photos of the sea and mountains, then I suggested you “x” out of this 😉

I actually put on make-up and 1/2 way did my hair before babes got up. These little things (very little indeed) helped make today feel a bit different and slightly special!

 With 27 days until M-Day (that’s moving day y’all) I’m aiming to do something special each day. This was part of  my “something” special.

5 miles (always special, right) was on the agenda, but I finally brought the camera so I could capture some more photos of the little village, Mijas, that I’ve come to really appreciate over the last few years.

As the Eternal Tourist, I’m always fascinated by the narrow streets, the white-washed buildings (btw that HAVE to be a certain color of white), and the intimate feeling the village brings.

I will miss this place. I will miss the picturesque views. I will miss how it seems so untouched by modern culture and commercialism.

I won’t miss running up to it though 😉 That mountain will never get easier on my weak legs! Bring on the plains of South Dakota baby!



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3 responses to “27 days till M-Day…what was special about today?

  1. GORGEOUS photos. I want to visit there so bad!

  2. You will love running up the Hills at Wildwood,it is positively gorgeous and the air is so clean smelling with flower smell and pine smell,that is what is so cool out here,but those pics are so awesome

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