A Couple of Crazy Busy Weeks

I’ve been MIA for about 2 weeks now. Don’t hate me, I have good reasons!

Reason’s Why Kristen has been MIA (in order of occurrence)
1. Little Bug bday party prep
2. International Food Festival in Mijas 🙂
3. Little Bug’s bday party (last Sunday)
4. NEEDING to finish resume, cover letter, etc
5. Little Bug’s Birthday!!!!!! (last Wednesday)
6. Family trip to Portugal!!!!!

And not to mention Zumba classes, pushups and lots of running! Here’s a peak at what’s been keeping me crazy busy the past 2 weeks!

International Food Festival
Over 20 countries had food booths this years! From Uruguay, Germany, Bulgaria, Brazil to the United States…if you couldn’t find something you liked, you must be a vampire or something. (Been watching Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse quite a bit lately)

Please notice little bug’s “I Love USA” shirt. For me it was either a USD hoodie or my MN Twins shirt. The weather decided my fate!

Little Bug’s Birthday Party
20+ guests, 7 children 4 years old and under made for a fun week of prep and a great party! Great food, great company, great gifts!

Little Bug’s BirthDay
From 8am to 8pm it was all about her and celebrating together as a family!

She got spoooiled…from her Grandparents. USA grandparents have outfitted her with a new crib, glider, high chair and chest of drawers waiting in America. British nana and granddad splurged on a lady bug trunkie, many books and a top-of-the-line portable DVD player for the long car trips we’ll soon be taking around the US to visit family. In all, she received 13 books, a doll, cool blocks, a few special items of clothing and cash. We love the money because we have many items that she’ll need when we move and her savings account can never have too much. We thank all those who were so generous to our little one!

Family Trip to Portugal
With less than a month left in Spain, a long weekend getaway to a family resort in Portugal was the perfect destination to create memories that’ll last forever!

Now do you see why I’ve been busy!!

I’m now starting to realize that in less than a month this life will be traded for another life. Sad, happy, excited, nervous…there are too many emotions to go through. I do know that I WILL make each remaining day in Spain something special!

Stay tuned….

A very late Happy Father’s Day to all papas and papa-to-be’s out there!



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6 responses to “A Couple of Crazy Busy Weeks

  1. Oh my gosh, you are GORGEOUS. Seriously. And happy birthday to your little bug! She’s a doll!! when do you get back in the US?

  2. We are back too and it is crazy here so let us skype later this week?

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