Sunday Funday

From sun up to sun down, from Michael Jackson on my i-Pod to blues on the grass, from 10 miles all by myself to being surrounded hundreds of clapping spectators…my Sunday was Funday!

10 miles in the early morning was lovely and mind awakening with a good time to boot! My” comfortable” run ended up at 9:30 per mile which for the plodder in me is like Speedy Gonzalez!

After a relaxing bath and naptime, it was off to the Mijas International Blues Festival!
Get out the sun screen, shades and hats, ’cause it was a hot one! We were lucky enough to see a local group from Malaga perform. We even heard a bit of “I Shot the Sheriff.” I haven’t heard that song in AGES, probably since I last lived in the US. Everyone was so chilled and simply enjoyed soakin’ up the sun.

An few short hours of live music, ice cream and relaxing with my lil’ fam was heaven for me. No hustling around the kitchen, no laundry to fold. Just me, little bug and hubby! Doing “nothing” is my favorite Sunday activity!

There wasn’t too much time to relax though because I desperately wanted to go to my first ever HandBall experience. The European Beach Handball Tournament just happened to be in Fuengirola as well.

We arrived just in time to snag a from spot on the bleachers and watch the warm-up. Without getting into detail, handball I was describe as a combo of soccer and basketball. I’m probably dead-wrong, so I apologize to any handball players for my lack of know-how.

I love a good spectator sport! This was easy to watch and catch on to. The periods were short with constant movement from the players.

There always had to be 4 players on the field per team. The goal keeper and “point guard” (which is how I put it) would switch when going from defense to offense.

I love the spectator mentality in Europe. Clapping and chanting were not enough; dancing, lots and lots of dancing during time-outs and in-between periods were all the entertainment we needed!

Hubby enjoyed it and little bug was up in the air about it as she was a bit ill, tired and hungry 😦

But not too ill to get in some Nana and Granddad time at our favorite little Spanish joint! Unfortunately about an hour after we got home, I started getting her symptoms. No fair! A few spoonfuls of honey, a few liters of water, and 3 episodes of House and it was the end to a great Sunday Funday…minus the oncoming cold.

This week is going to one of those exciting build-up weeks as next Sunday (12th) we are having Little Bug’s birthday party! Baking cookies, heading to Gibraltar, baking cakes, cutting veggies and fruit, massive grocery shops…I love the hype that surrounds a good party.

Have a great week y’all 🙂


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