Runners Nook: My Excuses for Not Running

The whole day “when am I going to get my run in,” “I’ve gotta run,” “I can’t miss this run,”  plagued my mind.  I was reminded on Friday why I am a morning runner.

Friday 6:10am, it’s dark and silent…except for the wind. I hate wind. I hate wind like I hate baked beans (which btw is probably the only food I won’t eat). It took a whopping 1 minute to decide not to head out the door for my 5 miles.

Here were my excuses:
1. I can hear wind therefore it must be too cold to run right? After all it is June in southern Spain 😉

2. My body is shattered from Zumba the day before

3. My body is telling me I need a break

4. I really do NOT want to run up that mountain again for the 3rd time this week

5. My bed is warm and comfortable

6. I want to sleep

Pretty pathetic, huh. I did not go back to sleep because my brain was already in “thinking” mode for the day. Upon getting out of bed, the wind was nothing more than a breeze. BUT, my body was telling me that I needed a bit of a break.

So the whole day I kept thinking and thinking about when I would get my run in. Friday after hubby gets home…it’s all about the grocery shop. I hated that I skipped out on the run, it’s a training run and a 5 miler and I really needed that run.

Then there was the location to consider. Up the Mijas mountain again. Let me explain. Hubby sold his car, so until we move we are borrowing a car which I’m not covered on; therefore, if I want to run, I have to run up up up up and up some more to Mijas. But there is good news in this. I can officially run all the way up there! It’s a 10 minute up-hill, or in my case, up-mountain killer. Everything from my lungs to my heart to my toe nails kills by the time I reach the flat surface of the village. I’m proud of this accomplishment, but it’s like the wind, and baked beans….I’d prefer to do without. (Other Mijas Mt runs click here, here, here)

So…after a day of mind tricks I DID get my run in at 7:30pm. Here’s what I saw:

Mile 1:

Mile 2:
I was moving while sneaking in that photo. They must have thought I was stalking them!

Mile 3:

Mile 4:
Yes, that is a sign for the donkey taxis. The sign above should say “you can’t miss the smell.”

Mile 5:
I decided to take a picture of the zero because I had zero to go! I’d like you to think that but really I wasn’t thinking straight and really should have snapped the 5 in there!

Moral of the story, if your body says to “take a break,” then do so. But otherwise, all excuses aside, just get out of bed, get it done and over with!

Happy, Happy Weekend!



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2 responses to “Runners Nook: My Excuses for Not Running

  1. I can’t totally relate to this! Except, unlike you, I end up forgoing my run altogether! I know, I’m a bad runner =)

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