Runners Nook: 10 Miles with a Churro on Top

The ten mile run is beginning to be my favorite distance. No, I’m not crazy…yet anyways. But really, I am beginning to enjoy the couple of hours that my mind is allowed to wander and think about anything I want to think about. I’ll admit though, I think about really lame things like what I need to get done in the next week or what dishes will I prepare for the family. With tourist season starting to hit hard though I like to make up stories in my mind about the people I see. Why are they visiting Spain? Why are they wearing THAT? Are they still “out” from the night before? I wonder if she is doing the walk of shame? This is a great way to occupy the mind during a marathon as well 😉

It was an “easy” 10 although the mornings are becoming sweltering hot by 8. The first 5 miles were about 9:50 minute miles and the last 5 were at 9:40 each. I think I was going faster on the last half because it was CHURRO DAY!!! I just couldn’t wait to get home and get ready to FINALLY experience churros in Spain.

In case you didn’t know, churros originated in Portugal (not Taco Johns) and are sometimes referred to as the Spanish Donut. To experience churros the proper way, we headed to a churreria in Fuengirola which is situated just a 10 minute drive from where I live.

 Churros taste best at a churreria because they are made fresh on location, not bought in.

Don’t be fooled, it’s not coffee although that was close at hand. This is a thick, bitter hot chocolate sauce for churro dippin’ greatness.

The waitor brought this out first just to tease me I think!

18-20 churros…6 people…you do the math!

I can barely finish 1 Taco John churro, much-less 3 churros WITH silky chocolate sauce!!! Yay for that 10 miler I just ran 🙂

They come to the table fresh and hot. It kind of looks like a long donut.

Donuts are very cakey though and these were airy. The outer shell was crispy but not too crispy. In Madrid they coat churros with sugar but in the Andalusia area they leave the sugar off.

And why ruin it with extra sugar when there is chocolatey dippage involved!

It was not a problem takin’ down three of these bad boys. They tasted similar to a cake donut but lighter and not so sugary and that crispy outer shell set them apart from any donut I’ve ever encountered! I didn’t feel guilty eating these either! Normally I’d feel gross after finishing 3 pastries but the lightness of the churros, even with the chocolate, were a perfect late morning snack.

10 miles, churros, family time…it was a great way to spend Saturday morning!

You can never be too old to display food proudly!

And what is the perfect way to spend a late Saturday afternoon?
Working on birthday invitations for little bug’s upcoming 1st birthday! I’ll post the finish product next time.

On a quick note, a friend wanted to know what kind of beets I buy, here is what they look like:

It’s an easy running week so I’m going to add a day of cross-training in. Not sure what I’ll do, I’m thinking yoga and a long obstacle course with lots of resistance training.

Sorry, this is so short and sweet but I want to spend the last weekend hours with hubby and the Dark Knight! Here are some things I’m going to talk about this week!

Nutrition Nook: I’m trying out homemade mayo!

Momma and Baby Moves: Working out with a clingy baby

(New) Baby Nook: Build up to little bug’s birthday, I’ll show our “go to” items from our first year as parents

5 Minute Workout: total body workout

And hopefully I’ll get to cross out more items on my Kristen’s Wishlist of things to do before we move list
Visit the Buddhist Temple in Benalmadena
Eat homemade churros with chocolate
Learn how to make Spanish tortilla
Visit Portugal again
Revisit Rhonda
Hit up as many ferias in the area during the summer (Spanish fairs)
Head up to the International Food Festival in Mijas
Take little bug to the Zoo
Actually eat the pastries I take so many pictures of
Find a Spanish antique store and buy some treasures to bring back to America
Have lunch in Old Marbella in Orange Square
Drink lots of Spanish wine
Eat even more Spanish cheese (ongoing)
Take as many photos as possible (ongoing)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!



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4 responses to “Runners Nook: 10 Miles with a Churro on Top

  1. I am also a huge fan of the 10 mile distance! I haven’t had churros since the last time I was in Madrid and that has been far too long!

    Making tortilla is really easy. I make it whenever I’m homesick for Spain.

    • I’m learning this week hopefully from my sister-in-law — who is Spanish. I’ve very excited as I love tortilla. Didn’t you find though that it took a couple of tries to really get into it? But once I acquired the taste, it’s hard stopping at just one piece!

  2. Oh man, those churros and chocolate sauce looks AMAZING! Can’t believe how many they give you! I’m jealous that you live in Spain, real bad.

    And congrats on your 10 mile! I’m kind of far off from my distance right now – I’ve been hovering around 4 miles consistently. But that’s OK because I’m getting plenty of activity elsewhere.

    Have a great week!

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