Travel Nook: The American Runner in Paris (part trois)

What the deuce does that mean?  Well, if you’ve been keeping up, I’m going through Kristen’s Why I Love Paris List! I’m Kristen by the way! Check here and here for parts 1 and 2.

The first thing I learned in Paris is that Paris is not cheap. Have a said that? Oh, yes, I have many times over. One snippet of advice I found useful when reading through Paris travel reviews was to picnic under the Eiffel Tower. Well, we took that one step further! To save euros we picnicked at multiple major attractions!

Kristen’s Why I Love Paris List:
Paris is the BEST city for Picnics

Above was morning 1 brekkie at Luxembourg Park (which was situated across from our hotel). The park was massive and perfect for my first Paris run as well as breakfast. On Sundays when most places are closed, you could find a few thousand Parisians having picnics, playing football (soccer), battling it out of the tennis courts, catching a snooze under a tree, reading novels or just having ice cream or some drinks (which we did both during our trip)!

Another afternoon we took our lunch to De Louvre! Two sandwiches, 2 bags of chips and a bottle of French dessert wine and you’ve got fun in the Paris sun! Chillin’, people watching, and a bit of drink…our idea of heaven. €10 compared to the €40 we would have paid in a restaurant…our version wins hands down. This was a lot more fun and had a pretty good view if I do say so myself!

My parents must be so proud to see their 29-year-old daughter showcasing that gem of a photo!

It’s been a while since I mentioned the Eiffel Tower. I think it’s time to bring it up again!

Sunday lunch was a hit with our butts parked under the Eiffel Tower! 1 sandwich, 2 slices of quiche and 2 tall beers and it was another 4-star lunch. Families and couples surrounded this astonishing site, all taking in the rays, filling their tummies and snapping dozens of photos!

Pictures do not come close to showing how ridiculously cool this was.

Did I mention we got there by bike?

This brings me to another portion of Kristen’s Why I Love Paris List

Paris is (one of) the best cities for Fitness!
Biking, walking, or running, Paris is a great city for keeping fit.

Paris as well as Barcelona, London and other cities here in Europe have a great rental biking system. I don’t know if the US does this or not but they NEED to! All we had to do was find a biking station – which were minutes apart from each other – type in a credit card number for the deposit (€150 per bike) and then you hear a click which is your bike freeing itself from the docking station just waiting to explore!

It took about 20 minutes to get there. Paris is very bike friendly and even on the busy bus-filled streets I felt completely safe. I am so glad we did this, what an unique and awesome why to see this city. For a 24 hour pass, it cost us about 30 euros. If we would have “docked” the bikes at stops every 30 minutes, we could have done it for half the price (first half hour is free, you just pay a daily charge).

We then biked to the famous Moulin Rouge which was a good 30-40 minutes in traffic.

Biking was a great way to see beautifully designed museums and other architecture that we normally would not have seen via bus tour. The bikes became very useful when scouting out a restaurant for the night! Luckily we only got lost/side-tracked once 🙂

Walking in Paris was like being in a movie. Walking is the perfect way to see the sites up close and personal in order to see every single detail. Apart from the bus tour and the bikes, we walked everywhere including from the Eiffel Tower on our last day to the Champs-Elysees to do some window shopping!

The details are out of this world!

A few drinks and a few shops later (Paris Nike was a HUGE disappointment), we walked all the way back to our hotel which by this point we were tired and sore. I am so glad we walked though because we turned onto a random side street and ended up being surrounded by independent art galleries, artist studios and clothing stores. I was strolling the streets but it felt more like I was in a museum.

This is just another little bar we stopped at for a drink. There were these four American girls (about 23 I’m guessing) and I remember how I could hear them about 1/2 a block away. Here is their conversation reenactment: please imagine high and annoying!

Girl 1: So like are we going go out for coffee like before shopping?!
Girl 2: Ahh, yeeeeaaaah like I could sooo go for like a coffee right now!
Girl 3: So, coffee, shopping and then how about gelato!
Girl 4: Ohh, gelato sounds like sooo amazing!
Girl 1: So, coffee, shopping and gelato. That sounds like soo perfect. Oh I just love Paris!

I know words can’t convey what they sounded like. Like. Like. Like! Does everyone now speak every sentence like it’s a question? Just asking. I’m not judging. I just though I should get the DL on how Americans speak so I can practice and convert for our big move over. Ahh…wait a minute!

Ok, now back to Paris. More importantly RUNNING IN PARIS! It was alright…

If you call seeing the Eiffel Tower almost the whole time “alright.” Going past the most famous museums and monuments before the touristy hustle and bustle started up…that was alright I guess!

3 miles one day and 5 miles another day. I WISH I would have had a 7 or 10 mile run because then I would have made it to the ET!

These pics weren’t taken during the run but I swear I ran right by them! No one was out except other runners, walkers, bikers and shop-keepers. It was a runners heaven.  The city was so silent and all the more beautiful!

I’m thrilled how we saw Paris. We only took the train to travel from the airport to the hotel otherwise it was bus tour, bike, walk, run! And because of this I feel like I know this city better than any other city I’ve ever travel to. I wasn’t stuck seeing tub station after tub station. Instead, we saw every shop imaginable, views of the ET from every angle and distance, what people ordered at the bakery, how Parisians dressed compared to us tourists, what kinds of vehicles are driven, what dishes were typically eaten at the little bistros…it’s those little things that makes a city what it is…what gives the city its life! I am completely and “like totally” in love with Paris. I’m so glad we scrimped and saved for 6 months to make it happen.

I lied though, I am going to do one more Paris post sometime in a few weeks. I’m going to showcase our Paris highlight and my biggest disappointment about Paris 😉

I hope you enjoyed a few bits I loved about our trip and that I didn’t bore you too much!


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