Travel Nook: The American Runner in Paris (part deux)

One week post-Paris and I can still taste the buttery melted chocolate croissant goodness that you can only get from Paris.

Continuing: Kristen’s Why I Love Paris List (for part 1 click here)

Paris is the best city for indulging
It’s a dang good thing we gave up beer for lent because it tasted all the sweeter on this trip! But just GUESS how much these two large beers cost? 17.50 in Euros (25 US bucks)…can you darn well believe that?! Ouch, so much for Paris on a budget (I’ll talk more about that next trip-post)!

Whatever Parisians puts in their croissants, pastries, baguettes, you-name-it…it must be illegal in other countries because EVERYTHING tasted better here!
Breakfast and lunch usually ran together and consisted of a pastry or sandwich of some kind. I go for the two combined! This deliciousness is a ham-bursting cheese croissant. We have these here in Spain but I feel hungry and a bit ill after the 5 seconds it takes to eat them. THIS on the other-hand was so thick, tasty, salty, sweet and filling that I took my dandy ol’ time savoring every bit. I must confess that I did consume a chocolate crossiant before this. When in Paris right!?

Only Paris can make dried fruit looking mouthwatering-Ineedthisnow candy. Street vendors in white tents that set up daily have goodies like this as well as donuts, breads, homemade soaps, one-of-a-kind clothing, original art…this list goes on and on.

This picture does not do justice. Fresh, FRESH everything was on this cart. Thank goodness I was stuffed from brekkie or there would have been doughy pretzels and chocolate donuts everywhere!

Window shopping for clothes…that’s boring! Window shopping for goodies…an eye-popping, mouth-watering experience. Macaroon displays, cake displays, chocolate displays, cheese displays…I saw it all! It all looked to good that my palms were getting sweaty.

And if you were on a diet (a crazy person indeed), you could always indulge in breathtaking flowers. These colors are NOT enhanced, they are THAT bright and crisp looking.

We did a liquid diet this day at the Hard Rock Cafe! Yes, we are THOSE people who go to every HRC. We were respectful though and didn’t eat, just drank and bought a shot glass (I have a massive collection) and a 40th Anniversary glass for hubby.

Hello chocolate shop. You didn’t think I’d skip over an essential food indulgence did ya?

This particular shop had loads of goodies like this: a chocolate base with nuts and fruit embedded in. Yuuummm! Move over Nestle, take a seat Hershey, this is the real deal.

If, IF I would have bought anything here, this would have been it. White chocolate (love you white chocolate) with dried cranberries and cherries. Then I’d be getting some fruit on the trip, right!?

And I did have some fruit! Day two I was craving some fruit and luckily with fresh fruit vendors at every corner…problem solved.
On the very right there are some bright red pears and one of them went straight for my tummy. Really! I didn’t even pay for it! It was delicious, sloppy and so juicy. Much better than a regular pear. Just kidding by the way about the stealing it. I really did pay for it, I swear!

Book lovers and art lovers can indulge just as much as the food lover! Along the rivers are independent vendors selling vintage and original art, and new and vintage books. Books stores are EVERYWHERE. There are 3 types of shops in Paris: clothing shop, goodie shop, book shop. I was in book heaven. I’m a sucker for vintage books and found a lovely gift for little bug at one of the English vintage book stores!

Classic nursery stories like Little Red Riding Hood,Ā  Jack and the Bean-stalk, Puss in Boots, Cinderella…and I’m talking proper vintage here! Check out the inside…

1928! Can you believe it! Sorry if you aren’t a book nerd but for 10 euros, that is a sweet-as-pie deal. And the stories have the REAL endings, not the censored endings of today. So you know that most characters die or get eaten by something right šŸ˜‰

Ok, back to food or coffee, I guess. I’ve heard about the French and how they do coffee. If you compare it to American coffee, whatever that is anymore, than I sure, I could say that it was better. But compare it to Spanish coffee…that is up for major debate!
I show this lovely latte because it was in a hole-of-a-place but yet had the most beautiful looking food and housed the most expensive coffee of my life (without being in Starbucks) 5.50…which is $7.90! Crazy, yes. Needless to say we didn’t drink that much coffee.

I loved the window display so much that I went inside. Cute and fun cupcakes are always a smile-enhancer! Poor hubby, he never complained once.

This is how we rolled in Paris for brekkie days 1, 3, and 4. Coffee and pastries from Jillians which was literally 2 blocks from the hotel. Forget “trying out” new places each day. Jillians had what our tummy wanted. Plus at 10 euros for the whole package, it was a steal in Paris.

Cappuccinos and ham and cheese/bacon and cheese crossiants.

And NOW…

THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER, EVER HAD…in terms of guilt-food.
This has the breading of a crossiant but it’s twisted with chocolate chips and some type of special butter. The chips were glistening and warm and the breading was flaky, soft and fresh. Each mouthful had me saying…”oh my, oh my, this is the best thing to hit my stomach.”

Two things happened after slowly eating this once in a lifetime treat. 1.) I was too full to eat the rest of breakfast. 2.) I was officially sick of pastries, literally sick to my stomach. I had hit the wall and still have a hard time thinking about them. I went one step too far. It was worth it though!

Dining out in Paris is not an easy task. Ok, it is. There are restaurants galore but to find one that suits a budget was not easy. We only ate out properly twice (you’ll find out more about that next time) because a simple-simon meal of 2 drinks and 2 mains ran about 50 euros (around $70). And what if the food was awful? Money down the drain!

We struck gold though when we had our “fancy” meal on Sunday. We stuck to our 2 drinks.
Hubby had a rich, creamy Pizza and I had the tastiest salad of all-time. I know what you are thinking…everything this girl ate was “the best thing ever,” but I’m being very specific about my descriptions of what it was the best of!

A good friend told me that the French do very good “game.” So I took her advice and had duck both meals out! This super rich salad had crunchy greens, a light and sweet but not too sweet dressing, DUCK top with FOIE GRAS and then surrounded by toasted wheat baguette slices and some type of jamon, then tomatoes and apples to compliment the corners.

This was not your Chinese crispy duck here! Tender with little seasoning, this had me salivating as it was delivered. Now foie gras for those who haven’t had it is made of either duck or goose liver and then fattened in a specific fashion. This was my second time having it so I was prepared. THIS was the way to have it. If I wanted a rich bite..I had a bit with the duck. If I wanted a lighter taste, I combined with the greens. I ate this as slow as possible so I could enjoy every forkful of greatness!

So…you see anything you fancied? For a foodie, this city is the bees-knees.

This doesn’t cover half of the eating experience I had in Paris but it’s a little taster for ya. Get it…taster. I’m trying to be clever now šŸ™‚ I’ll write just one more post about Paris and just like the trip itself, I’m saving the best for last.

Family is heading our way tonight so it’s time to clean the party shoes and have a fun-filled 6 days of madness. Here’s to hoping I get all my runs in!



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  1. I notice your drink at The Hardrock Cafe and I am soooooooooo jealous,I need one of those

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