Happy American Mother’s Day

I rarely talk about being “mommy.” I don’t know why either, because out of all my titles in life (wifey-extraordinaire, fitness freakazoid, daughter of the year every year) this is the most rewarding one…and the most fun too!

I get to rediscover the world through new eyes. The sound of the waves, the movement of trees, the site of green grass…all mean more the me now than ever before.

Food is more than just food now. It’s building blocks to future habits. Tasting is a whole new world.

I get to play house and see the world from a different point of view.

I get to have fun as little bug’s personal stylist. Mixing and matching…it’s all so cute on a little baby!

I get to take countless self-pictures during the day!

I have endless excuses for wanting to head to the park!

She encourages me to run and stay healthy and in-shape!

I get to rediscover holidays (this was Easter morning)

We have an excuse to get into our “Sunday Best”

She reminds me to be a kid again, have endless fun, make weird noises and funny faces, count to 10 on those rough days, slow down, take in each moment, stop to cuddle, and give kisses whenever possible.

I’m so lucky to be “mom.” Words can’t describe it, pictures cannot show it. I have the best job in the world!

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom as well!! We are both Virgos with our birthdays just 4 days apart so I can honestly say “no one knows me quite like my mom.” I’m so excited to be reunited come July when we can shop, go to movies, drink wine and do all that fun grown-up mommy-daughter stuff.  I’m so thankful to have a truly strong bond with my mother. I only hope that my little bug and I have one equally close through the years to come!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers no matter where you live in the world!



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5 responses to “Happy American Mother’s Day

  1. Brenda Dubs Paulsel

    You are so very blessed to still have your mother and the relationship that you share. My mom and I were best friends and not a day goes by that I don’t miss her. Tomorrow would have been her 75th birthday and I’ve been thinking of many happy, special times that we shared together. When you are reuinted with your mom, give her an extra big hug from me. She is one special lady who is lucky to have wonderful children like you and your siblings. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  2. I love your “stylist” picture. It’s so sad when you grow up and can’t pull off wacky outfits anymore. Little kids styles are the best!

  3. Thank -you for the lovely things you say about me and I love you soooooo
    much,back at home and it is good,are we able to skype sometime?We do have to go to out neighbor’s Soccer game on Sat morn at 9 AM

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