Sore, tired and ready for Paris

My body has entered a new state of soreness! 2 days of major fitness: 5 mile run (up the mountain I might add), Ab Ripper PX90 workout (bless youtube), 100 pushup challenge, ZUMBA and an insane getting-longer-by-the-minute to-do list and I must say that tomorrow’s vacation could not taste any better. I won’t be surprised if I’m having a beer at the airport at 9am.

Speaking of taste, hubby brought this home for me from Madrid.
No biggie to you but to this peanut butter addict, it’s utter bliss. It’s worth every gram of sugar that I’m trying to cut down on. In southern Spain, these do not exist! Can you believe it!

And now speaking of cutting sugar. I HAVE NOT HAD MY AFTERNOON COFFEE ALL WEEK!!! That means my coffee-loving self as only been ingesting 1 cup a day. This occasion calls for a bit of the Carlton Banks dance!

I can’t help but think of my brother Scott every time I watch this!

My coffee habit has been replaced by a juicing habit! I HAVE been a busy girl!
Plum and Pear! It was so delicious, it felt sinful.

Yet more carrot apple and ginger. It’s hard to beat this one.

So since I couldn’t beat it, I tried beet root and strawberry and yogurt in a smoothie! What a vitamin punch. More energy than a redbull 🙂

Do I feel a difference? You betchya I do. My afternoon slump has vanished. But, I actually do enjoy the taste of coffee so I’m tempted to grab a decaf tin the next time I’m out and try having it without sugar. Now onto giving up that morning coffee! NOT, Yeah whatever, AS IF,  oh no you didn’t…I just love it too much to Just Say No!

So the day is almost upon me. Paris baby! Not quite the same as London baby, huh?

Sadly, we will be jetting off without OUR baby. Many tears have been shed by this new momma, but after crunching the numbers repeatedly, 2 unexpected Madrid trips in 9 days for hubby’s US paperwork and Paris in all in the same did not add up. We could not reschedule the trip without losing out on hundreds of euros so we opted for the decision to leave little bug with Nana and Granddad. I’m trying to see the silver lining as much as possible. This will be hubby and my chance to sleep in, stay out late, and do whatever we please, as we please. She’ll be ok. Mommy may not be totally ok, but I’ll make it.

So, this is me signing off for a few days. You bet I’ll bring some sweet updates though about my hotel workouts, eating yummy new foods and being the American Runner in Paris!

…do you remember my Lent sacrifice? 40 days and 40 nights without beer?! How did I do? Easy, peasy! I never cheated once! The easiest Lent ever. A bit too easy if you ask me. That first drink was delightful!



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3 responses to “Sore, tired and ready for Paris

  1. Your juices, and the scenery that go with them, look delicious! Have fun in Paris.

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