A Mommy-Runner’s Delightful Day

Hubby’s out of town and Paris is just 4 days away (!)…but this lady STILL had a totally crazy, absolutely fun, very rewarding, terribly sad, but yet exciting  Tiring Tuesday.

Today marks day 1 of marathon training for Run Crazy Horse! For some reason, every time I type that, I want to put “Run Crazy Horse RUN,” like Forest Gump! With hubby in Madrid doing US paperwork mumbo jumbo (medical examination, X-rays, and immunizations) and 501 to-do items, getting OUT OF THE HOUSE became my MUST DO to-do item…after little bug’s long nap of course!

I’m ringing in training season in full-blown style by really taking a magnifying glass to my nutrition (except when in Paris) and getting in little 5 minute workouts a few times per day. I’m an “all or nothing” person when I start a project: good, yes…bad, yes! Here’s recap of today’s 5 minute quickie.

Jump Lunges- 10 per leg
Walking Lunges – 10 per leg
Jumping Jacks – 50
Shuffle drill – 30 seconds
Repeat until sweat is dripping down the forehead!

Now, what better way to spend the afternoon than at the park with my little girl!
Paloma Park (Dove Park) is just 1 block away from the sea, yet feel like you are in the Midwest. Chickens, roosters, rabbits, peacocks, ostriches, doves, ducks…the list goes on and it’s all surrounded by beautifully landscaped ponds, trees, walking trails and play areas!

A little walk in the baby carrier before we were off on our run.

I ran here on mile 6 on Sunday. It’s definitely much better with a bit of company!

Little bug and I headed to the coastline for our 3 miles! It was blazing HOT and packed full of Easter holiday-makers. I would never run with the stroller in this area again. I don’t use a running stroller, just our Graco and it became quite heavy to maneuver in between onlookers.

Many drink breaks later (for the both of us) and it was snack time back at the park and then another circle of the park. I’m so gutted, I had loads of cool pics to share but the new computer and I are having words today and I’m unable to upload them 😦

Although I’m incredibly sad and lonely without hubby, I didn’t let that lead me to the couch with the remainder of my Easter candy, although the cleanup would have been easier! A healthy salad and oven-roasted carrots did me well. I’m getting a bit delirious now as I realize how many words are spelled incorrectly so I better call it a day!

Happy 1st Day of Marathon training to me (make sure you are singing this like Happy Birthday to You)!! This is what the rest of my week looks like:

!Au Revoir! Did I mention I’m heading to Paris in 4 days!!!!!!!!


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4 responses to “A Mommy-Runner’s Delightful Day

  1. it is so pretty with all the blossoms on the trees,I need to get a blossoming tree.do have purple and yellow flowers

  2. Have a fantastic trip! Yay for marathon training beginnings! Excited to follow your journey…and see pics from Paris!!

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