Runners Nook: Weathering the Storm

I have a whole new hatred of rain! But I refused to let today’s wet mess ruin yet another run!

Not a blue clearing in the sky in sight and many puddles to dodge on our 5 mile stroller run this morning.

And wouldn’t you know it…5 minutes into the run and I was reminded of why we spent the few extra euros on this rain cover.

Bu-bye little bug! It’s time for you to take a little nap 🙂

Check out this AMAZING sand sculpture. I’m thrilled I snapped a picture of this before the rain had it’s turn at it.

5 miles later with 30 minutes of nap-time = super soaked happy momma and happy dry energized baby!

I couldn’t believe that she slept through the rain! It was actually an extremely refreshing run. Normally in Spain during Easter weekend, the beaches are overflowing with UK holiday-makers, but today on this depressing, slushy, slippery morning it was just me, little bug and the rest of the runners. Nods and smiles were all the communicating us runners needed with each other.

And on a day when I thought everything was closed…Mr. Fruitman was open! 10 minutes and 1 complimentary apple, pear and banana juice later (juiced fresh for us), we were stocked up on some goodies for the fam!
Once home, I of course realized that I forgot a few items! Living in the Mediterranean, I love trying now produce. This was my mystery purchase of the week…

After many googles later, I still have no idea what they are. It’s orangeish, the size of a plum and the shape of a pear. So does that mean it’s a plornge?
I’m hoping the sister-in-law reads this and reveals what the mystery fruit is!

Because of Easter Sunday, tomorrow will be my long run. I’m still up in the air about what mileage I’ll be attempting but RAIN is forecasted so I’m heading out early. Little bug helped me prep my gear!

It’s no fail that in the past few weeks, no matter how much a planned on springing out of bed early…it simply didn’t happen. I´m hoping that because I’m prepping today it’ll mean a quick getaway in the morning.

First things first. Breakfast! I finally tried overnight oats this past week and I AM ADDICTED. This is a healthy mom’s dream! Prepare the night before and it’s ready in the morning.
I followed Kath’s method over at Kath Eats Real Food. She is the Oatmeal Queen as far as I’m concern. She makes Oatmeal look like a forbidden dessert! Check out her tribute to oatmeal if you have time!

One thing she is missing though is a helper:
I heart my baby carrier!

See you in the morning!

Next on the prep list: water

Program watch:

Set out running clothes:

Lots of water, healthy protein-packed super and hopefully 8 hours of deep sleep ahead for this girl before tomorrow’s unplanned-planned long run! Here’s hoping for a dry morning 🙂

Happy Easter Weekend


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  1. Those sand sculptors are unreal,love the rain bonnet for Vienna

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