Nutrition Nook: Juicing, is it worth it?

I woke up this morning and I still have my arms! The 100 Pushup Challenge Week 3, Day 1 took me WAY beyond my threshold. As a runner, I’d compare it to sprinting those last 2 minutes after already running for 58 minutes. As a weightlifter, it’s like super-setting a tri-set of your least favorite muscle group. THIS is how hard it was.

Even hubby had a challenge completing! Here’s what it looked like:
5 sets: 14, 18, 14, 14, Max out doing AT LEAST 20
Rest 1 minute between sets
“My arms are on fire,” pretty much sums up the only phrase coming from me. I did have a nice surprise from hubby though!
HAPPY TOES! Look, they are doing a little dance. They’re so soft, fit so perfectly. My toes are officially in sock heaven. I haven’t bought a new pair of DECENT running socks since AUGUST 2008. I’m down to my last 5 pairs. Do you now understand how this has made my week…on a Monday already!

During this mornings stroller run, I noticed that the tourists are in full force and walking extra extra slow…so this is what I recommend:
One baby with a cool hat works every time. People move out of your way quickly when running with this 4-toothed chica! Not only do you get people tripping over themselves to move for you, but you get the warmest, friendliest smiles ever! Warning though, you may get one grumpy ol’ bat giving you the “stink-eye” but just ignore them! Little bug just turned 10 months! Ahhhhhh 😉
There’s my toy showing I did my 3 miles (just short of 5k). I’m getting the hang of this thing finally!

So…on to juicing! One day, not long after having my little girl, I looked in the mirror and thought…what the heck happened to my skin! Pregnancy and nursing…it was “glowing” as they say. Now…it’s starting to show years of use and abuse.

Whether it’s the fact that I’m almost 30, the 4 years I did smoke those nasty cancer sticks (16-20), the sea air mixed with the intense Spanish sun, or the mommyhood thing…I DON’T CARE, IT JUST NEEDS TO GET BETTER. I’m not yelling at you, I do apologize. Really, please don’t leave…I’m yelling and cursing at the mirror every time I look in to it!

I take excellent care of my skin and have been blessed with clear skin so I know that is not the culprit. Diet and Nutrition is a better fit. You all think I eat like one of those insanely healthy guru nutritionists that do yoga all day, but remember yesterday:
Case in point. I know I eat too much sugar. I’m not an idiot. And I’m not talking about the natural sugar in carrots or oranges either…it’s the added sugar crap in those lovely biscuits, twice daily coffees, okay sometimes three-a-day coffees, 1-3 drinks of alcohol when I do drink, and the hidden sugars in bread, crackers, and sauces.

I’ve been thinking about cutting the sugar for a while now…notice I said CUTTING, not ELIMINATING…I DID say I wasn’t an idiot. It’s simple math really: Me + No Sugar = scary wife and mommy. But, Me < sugar = healthier yet still sane wife and mommy. I can do that! Then I noticed that one of my favorite bloggers, Dana (my little celebration)  was thinking the same thing so I at least had another person to be in cahoots with!

1.) I’m starting with coffee. 2 big coffees down to 1 1/2. You gotta start somewhere right? So last night I borrowed some tea from mum-in-law.

Check this crap out on the back label:
“To help melt away stress, enjoy a daily cup of Kava Stress Relief. On especially challenging days, drink 3 to 4 cups. For stronger effect, use 2 tea bags.” What marketing “genius” came up with that gimmick!

On the other side of the ring is THE JUICER! This is on loan from Mum-in-law and has been sitting in my cupboard for about 7 months until last week when I finally sucked it up and made my first glass of carrot, apple and ginger juice! Deeeliciouso, muy bien! It’s so easy too! Just gather your desired ingredients:
Peel, cut (apple), pop in the juicer and BAM!

Fresh, healthy, fulfill-that-sweet-craving juice. But WAIT JUST A SECOND HERE! Is juicing REALLY all that and more?

This 10 ounce glass of juice from start to finish took about 10 minutes. 1 glass…10  minutes…and gone in 30 seconds!
Did I mention the CLEAN-UP portion of this recipe?

That’s a whole lotta juice pulp mess to take care of!

How many juices do you have to make to make-up for the juice machine cost and ingredients? Let’s pretend I get my daily morning coffee from a coffee chain. What does a latte run…let’s say $2.50, which equals $17.50 a week in coffee. To juice costs about $1 for 10 oz. = $7/week and this machine runs at about $80.  So, if you are saving $9.50 a week, the machine is “paid off” in about 2 months! That’s pretty sweet by my book. But enough pretending. Am I really going to juice every day? Probably not. Do I really want to clean THAT up everyday (I’m looking up at the pics above)? Heck NO!

So is it really worth it?
It’s cheaper than your coffee chain coffee or local juice joint
It helps detox the body
It’s an easy way to fulfill your 5-a-day fruit and veggie quota
It’s yummy
It’s good for the mind and mood
It’ll help boost your immune system
It’s great for hair, skin and nails
…and on and on and on

So…yes, it is worth it. Even if you don’t juice every single day, you will EVENTUALLY make up for the cost. I’ve had an orange juicer for about 18 months and I used it almost everyday for 9 months (pregnancy)…so if you could always go that route too!

Cost aside though, it’s my health, your health, for goodness sake. That’s always worth it! Oh, I’m so corny!
I’m going to aim for 3 juices a week! I’ll let you know how it goes and what combos I try!

Date night tonight! Mmmm, steak!



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6 responses to “Nutrition Nook: Juicing, is it worth it?

  1. Great post! Your baby is so cute. Seriously! What an adorable running partner you have.

    Good luck on your attempt to cut back on sugar! I’ve been at it for about a week now and have been doing pretty good. I’ve turned down the opportunity to get ice cream TWICE in the last 7 days. And that’s a big deal for me! Anyways, I’m glad I’m doing it and am already feeling much better.

    Have a great night! Dana.

    • Oh, it´s been going alright. I could use some chocolate right now (it´s 9:15 pm here) but I know it´ll never really be appreciated! I CANNOT believe you don´t like overnight oats! I just started doing them and they are my lifeline to a breakfast. This way I don´t have to rush to do baby´s brekkie and mine as well 🙂 Totally agree about the honey though. I´ve sawed a honey jar in half once to get it out and almost took a thumb out as well! Take care!

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