Runners Nook: My New Toy!

Going into Sunday, I was worried that I wouldn’t get in my 10 miles. Mijas Mt. on Friday really screwed my legs up for Saturday’s 4 miles, but not to worry, I just waited until the afternoon to squeeze them in!

Notice anything different! THE FORERUNNER 405!

A lovely loan from my brother-in-law until we leave in July! I’m still getting used to it, I’m still getting pissed off at it when it randomly unlocks and resets itself mid-run, I’m still wondering if I can go 3 months without taking a hammer to it. I’m not bitter though! Honestly though, it’s so cool, it’s “user error” more than anything. I have yet to reset it from kilometers to miles but I’m loving it more each time I use it!

I ran almost the same path as last week but started 2 kilometers back so I could get in some much needed hill work.
Time and Temp: 8am at 60 degrees
Location: Torreblanca, Spain
Distance: 10 miles
Hills: 8 total
Wind: Burrr! It was off the sea so I had strong winds for a few miles.
Feeling After: utter amazement that my legs were still attached after 3 days of running and Zumba before all that!

A great part about having this watch is that I can pop in my target pace and then “race” against the virtual partner. Luckily for my pride I underestimated my speed by 30 seconds per kilometer! I run about 10 minute miles (yes, I’m a slow runner) when I run anything more than 9 miles at a time but hope to do about 9:40 per mile come marathon time!  Training starts for that next week!!!

I brought a post run snack while I stretched! Oh, and I did run with my running belt (forgot the knee brace though) and it was so nice to stay so hydrated! This is probably the biggest reason why my run went so well, it definitely wasn’t because of my playlist. No words can describe how bad some of that British pop is (Sorry to all you that I offend, US pop is no better).

The rest of Sunday was a blur…went home to get ready and spend time with my fam, then mass (can you belive it’s almost Easter), an early waking-baby which meant no nap for this momma, a mountain of ironing (which was multi-tasked with EastEnders reruns from the week), supper and then last weeks American Idol and that was my Sunday! Phew…Monday seemed like a vacation!

It was a rough running week, but I just barely managed to get it all in!

I thought I’d quickly share this. Today, I said I wouldn’t have any biscuits (cookies) and now here I am at 2:15 and just finished my 4th one in a row!

Someone take these away from me NOW!!! Ahhh!

I’m setting out to find the best biscuits (why the Brits call them biscuits I don’t know…they are cookies…but I’m just used to saying biscuits now, so forgive me). I let myself get 1 package to last 2 weeks. I must say, the Chocolate Creme Hobnob’s are the best so far, which I just proved by admitting that I just had 4 in a row! Doesn’t Hobnob sound like a naughty insult word!

Here’s the running plan for this week! I want to spend Easter Sunday with my family so I shuffled around a bit!
I have no idea what the long run will bring. Should I chill since I start training next week or should I keep up the mentality and do another 10, or will that leave me too tired for Easter? What do you think?

Happy Motivation Monday everyone! Good luck to those running the Boston Marathon and congrats to those who did the London Marathon yesterday…someday…someday right!



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2 responses to “Runners Nook: My New Toy!

  1. Cool new toy! I was just thinking today how I need to get a new wrist watch with a stopwatch on it. Without one I have no idea how long I run or how fast!

    But yours is super high tech. I hope you like it!

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