Runners Nook: Mijas Mountain. take 3

A few issues came up this week.

This came in my USA care-package which arrived from Momma-Bev on Friday. This is what remained of them on Wednesday! Ahhh!! Did I, me, Kristen eat every one of them? Of course not, don’t be silly. I GAVE all the black ones to Mum-in-Law and hubby was ALLOWED (barely) 5 or was it 4. Needless to say, I’m sad that they are gone and it’s many days until Easter. In case you are wondering, NO, Spain does not carry Brach’s of any kind…or decent jelly beans for that matter.

Issue number 2.
These little cutie-pies took up my Wednesday afternoon and I didn’t make it home in time for my Mijas Mountain run. This is why I am posting today. We met up at a huge indoor/outdoor play-park down the coast with my niece (who is holding little bug) and little bug’s second cousin. It was totally worth missing a run! There were many games of hide-and-go-seek and tag and I firmly believe one should NEVER stop playing them!

Before a big family night out, I just barely got in this week’s Mijas Mountain run…here are the results.

Week 1- 15:58
Week 2- 14:49

Week 3-13:50
I’m trying to make a funny face there! I kicked that mt’s booty, but I’ll probably never run it that fast again. I was trembling rounding the last corner and was exhausted doing our 100 pushup Challenge (Week 2 Day 3) when I got home!

Family night out was at the Argentinian restaurant, Estillo Campo! This has a special place in my heart as this was where hubby and I went on our first date and the night we got engaged. They have THE BEST STEAKS EVER!!!!!!! I’m an farmgirl from South Dakota and sorry, but nothing can touch an Argentinian steak!
This was hubby’s starter: Grilled Provolone cheese with herbs!!! Yu-um! Grilled cheeses are a big thing here and I was so tempted but I was saving myself for this…
That is a giant Steak Fillet with a cheese and leek sauce with steak chips (fries). The Catholic in me went ou the door on this Lent Friday…but to be fair, I didn’t have meat on Thursday and rarely eat meat anyways. This is EXACTLY what the muscles needed!!! It was so dang juicy, tender and delicious that I refrained from talking to anyone but hubby during this period. And the only thing I said was, “Oh, my gosh this is so dang good!” My stomach literally took over my body ’cause the next thing I knew…the steak was GONE . I wanted to take home half! Oops šŸ™‚

Oh well, my body MUST have needed it right!

Alright, time to get on with a fabulous weekend of fun in the sun!


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