5 Minute Workout: Upper Body with the Resistance Band

I had to stop midway through doing this on Monday. My Brain said: What are you doing, you have the 100 pushup Challenge today! Tuesday = sore arms.

Continuing from last week’s 5 Minute Workout I kept the momentum going with the resistance band. This week’s inspiration came from my gym-sickness (like home-sickness but for the gym) for back machines. Exercises for the back are my favorite! A sculpted sexy back on a man or woman will not only make you look better in your summer wardrobe but also help your posture immensely.

You may not be sore after this series but you will definitely be on your way to saying “bu-bye” to those bingo-wings!


Move from one exercise to the next without resting.
1. Wide Row-15 reps
2. Single arm row-12 reps per side
3. Standing Chest Press-15 reps
4. Butterfly-12 reps
5. Upright Row-15 reps
6. Repeat 1-5 to get 5 minutes.

1. Wide Row- 15 Reps
I use a red band but you can get easier/harder resistance bands depending on your fitness level. I like to bend my leg slightly so I avoid using my lower back or momentum to perform this. I crossed the bands (sorry you can’t see), grip with knuckles facing up and then simply bring the elbows out wide and pausing for just a moment before returning to the start position.

2. Single Arm Row- 12 reps per side
For hand placement, put both handles in one hand.

This time, bring the arm straight back keeping it in close to the body. Repeat on other side.

3. Standing Chest Press-15 reps
Again, I cross the band where it’s wrapped around the railing.  Keeping the elbows wide and parallel to the ground. Press forward and together, almost touching and then return to start position.

4. Butterfly 12-15 reps
Arms are even with the back and out in a “T” with a slight bend in the elbow. Bring together as if you are hugging a tree but don’t let the hands touch. Bring back to start.

5. Upright Row- 15 reps
Hand and band position

Pretty self-explanatory on this one. Just keep an eye on the wrists and height of your elbows.

Now go back and repeat and there you have it: 5 minutes to better arms!

Now on to this week’s running goals!
Marathon training starts in 13 days and I’m amazed, to tell you the truth, that I’ve been reaching my goals each week!!

Ok, ok now little bug has the floor.
“You see this. See how I’m holding it? Twist it around like so.”…
“Watch those wrists remember. Now, bring the foot back.”…
“Twist the torso, straighten the arm and TA-DAAA! Now repeat for 12 reps.”

JUST AROUND THE CORNER: Mijas Mountain. take 3

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  1. I am so proud of Vienna to get into the exercise so young,you will have an amazing little body and Happy 10 month birthday to our beautiful Granddaughter,Lots of Love

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