Runners Nook: What I Learned This Weekend

After 20 minutes I found a public restroom with drinkable water! The running gods were looking out for me on today’s long run!

Benalmadena, Spain. Tourist central. Restaurant, bar, restaurant, bar, tacky tourist shop, restaurant, bar combined with tacky tourist shop for miles and miles. I would know, I saw this first-hand today. But it’s not overly touristy yet, so I stretched out my legs and took advantage because in a few weeks, running in this area is like being in Wal-Mart on a Saturday at noon.

Time and Temp — 8:30am: 68 degrees(p.s. by Spanish time that is equivalent to 6am) . For a runner this is already too hot
Location — Benalmadena, Spain. A new running location for me, which is about a 20 minute drive from where I live.
Distance — 10 miles
Hills — one
Wind — sucked
Feeling after — like a rockstar 🙂

The start was rough as my body had to adapt to the wind, but the change in location was exactly what was in order to make this 10 mile run feel like 5. Stop rolling your eyes, it really did!

Have you ever driven from Minneapolis, MN to Sioux Falls, SD taking only the interstate? WHAT, you haven’t?! I thought that was on everyone’s to-do list! Well this drive is straight and boring with only 1 turn which is from 1 interstate to another. BUT, if you take the shortcut through Mankato and hit the small towns along the way, this drive cruises along, which is what this run did simply because I switched locations. I had no idea what was coming next! Would I have to run on dirt, or sand? Would I be able to find a bathroom (public bathrooms are few and far between here). Would there be any killer hills?

The run was straight as can be but the area was beautiful with every tree, every restaurant, every bench, every beach a little more beautiful than what I’m used to on my “regular” trail Fuengirola. But like all long runs, I have three items that need attention NOW, not later.

To add to my ever-growing to-do list this week.

1. I WILL CONSUME MORE PROTEIN: Running uses legs. Legs have muscles. Muscles need protein. No protein = weak legs = weak run! I will consume more protein!

2. I WILL BUY A KNEE BRACE: Maybe it’s age, (Oh, please don’t let it be age) but my right knee has been yelling at me for a few weeks and the time has come to listen.

3. I WILL BREAK OUT THE RUNNING BELT: Left hand: water bottle. Right hand: cell phone. Pocket: extra toilet paper (always a godsend in any country), 2 euro coin and car key. I think it’s time to dust this off. It’s been…let me think…I don’t know, a very long time, 2 years in fact, since the running belt was used.

This week’s running. Mission Completed (as Little Einsteins would say)!!!

Our Saturday in Malaga was amazing. 90 degrees with a touch of wind. I’m working on showing a few pics in tomorrow’s blog. Here is a teaser for now!

Fresh Malaga wine!

To end the weekend…this is what I think every parent wants to see their child do — she did a sprint-crawl into her bedroom for this. (Don’t mind the scraping that was just done in her room)

🙂 Happy Parent Moment 🙂

Take advantage of these last weekend hours because tomorrow iiiiiisssssss Monday….ahhhhh!



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4 responses to “Runners Nook: What I Learned This Weekend

  1. Vienna is a little Doll in her outfit

  2. Hope that knee gets some rest,as you would say,”Please take care of

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