Runners Nook: Mijas Moutain. take 2

Week 1- 15:58

Week 2- 14:49
Sweeeeeeet! Perhaps it’s because I left the camera at home (where it belongs on a run)!

This is from last week I swear!

I’m saving my blogging energy for Sunday so I’ll make this short and sweet. It’s a big, busy, wacky Waby weekend here on the Costa del Sol! Here’s my itinerary:
Friday: 100 pushup Challenge Week 1. Day 3 (again already….ahhhh), 5 mile run (2 miles with the fam)
Saturday: MEGA FUN FAMILY DAY in Malaga. I’m so excited to be a tourist all day long! Beware family, pictures will be taken whether you like it or not! Mwaaa haa haa haa!!!! Sad, but Malaga is only 30 minutes away and I’ve never properly been to the city…except when I filed for my Spanish residencia.
Sunday: 10 mile morning run AND I’m running in a different area!

Today, I share a little treat with you all. Kristen’s Running Wishlist (so far)!

Moving back to that states has many perks. One of those perks being the incredible sporting stores!!!! So, in no particular order:

1. Keyanos by Asics. Ok, well this is the number 1! I’ve been wearing these for 8 years and refuse to switch.

2.  Forerunner 305 sports watch.  I’m not a techy girl, but I think I could be with this!

3. BOB Ironman running stroller! I need something light and practical zigzagging past you 🙂

4. So cool. See more here.

More to come I promise! Ran out of milk yesterday. This is how I HAD to compromise this morning!

That’s whipped cream out-of-a-can baby! It almost tasted better than my normal coffee! But why wouldn’t it right? All that extra sugar…mmm.

Now all I can think about is Family Guy…Hwip. Cool Hwip.

Have a great weekend! I hope to post something a bit more worthwhile on Sunday 🙂



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4 responses to “Runners Nook: Mijas Moutain. take 2

  1. Kristen–thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I see the 26.2 made your wish list! The shirt still feels like buttah!! 🙂

    You will love the Garmin too AND I’m doing the push-up challenge with you! 🙂 I’m on week 3!

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