5 Minute Workout: Can’t Resist the Resistance Band

My heart was thumpin’ right out my chest and I went to look at my stopwatch and it only said 2 MINUTES and 30 SECONDS! You know it’s going to be a good 5 Minute Workout!

When I put together a 5 minute workout, my goal is to use little or no equipment, stick with basic moves or at least basic moves with a twist, and to get that heart pumpin’. I want to be thinking is this over yet!

That’s exactly the phrase that popped in my head this week during my Can’t Resist the Resistance Band routine. The concept is simple in theory then suddenly it sneaks up on you and woo-paa the ticker is getting a nice little workout.


Move from one exercise to the next without resting.
1. Squat (10) > Squat Pulse (10) > Squat (10)
2. Bicep Curl (10) > Curl Pulse (10) > Bicep Curl (10)
3. Lunge Shoulder Press (10) > Lunge Pulse (10) > Lunge Shoulder Press (10)
4. Repeat 3 with opposite leg
5. Repeat 1-4 until 5 minutes are up. (This series takes about 6-7 minutes to complete twice)

1. Squat > Squat Pulse > Squat

The important part about using a band, is to use it correctly. Notice the wrists are always straight.

I find that pulsing and the resistance band go hand-in-hand. (If you have ever taken a Body Pump class, you know what I mean.) If you have never “pulsed” during an exercise here is how you do it. For a squat, go into the position shown above, then only go about a 1/4 of the way up and then back down but do it faster than you would with the plain squat. After you do 10 pulses, go back to doing 10 full-motion squats!

2. Bicep Curl (10) > Curl Pulse (10) > Bicep Curl (10)

Keep those elbows at your sides. No cheating! Watch those wrists too. If you are using a weaker or stronger band, adjust your reps accordingly. The last rep should be difficult or getting difficult.

First, I look so pale and dopey, but at least my hair is highlighted! Ok, back to kicking some butt! You can do a curl pulse in two different ways. THIS way, you start from the halfway point where your arm position is like the one shown above, bring all the way up and then go back down to the halfway point again. (I need a mirror as my arms in that first pic are a bit too low.) After pulsing, go back to full-motion curls for 10 reps.

3. Lunge Shoulder Press (10) > Lunge Pulse (10) > Lunge Shoulder Press (10)

The important aspect is form. Notice where the arms start and how they are facing (wrists, wrists for petesake). Also, press through the heel of your front foot. If you cannot make the 10 reps, simply do the exercise without the press (shown below).

If you can’t complete the 10 presses with the lunge, switch to this version. Notice though how the hands now face in.

The lunge pulse here is similar to the squat pulse. Get into the “kneeling” looking position and then, pressing through the front heal, bring yourself up about a 1/4 of the way and then back down. After 10 of these, go back into the lunge shoulder press.

4. Repeat with other leg: Lunge Shoulder Press (10) > Lunge Pulse (10) > Lunge Shoulder Press (10)

Those 5 minutes aren’t done yet! Go back and repeat from the beginning! 5 minutes will get you about 1 1/2 times through but if you want to get through this twice, it should take about 6 to 7 minutes!

On to running biz…last night’s date night was a bit of a bust! There were hurricane-like winds and I don’t think our little bug is that hardcore about getting the run in as I was. My legs were itching for a run but the wind was insane. After heading into a little beach bar and settling for a 1/2 pint of cider, I kept walking in and out saying, “I think I could do it.  I think I could run this.” Finally after about a half hour, hubby told me to go ahead. Woo Hoo! I was out the door!

I had only 20 minutes which meant no warm-up or cooldown. I must say, running after 1/2 pint of cider is not recommended for a reason. I had no idea what my tempo was and started out way too fast. Then I think I looked at my watch wrong and I ended up having to do an all-out sprint back to the car. I was knackered! Lesson: Don’t drink and run!

Tonight it’s day 2 in the 100 pushup challenge and a run/walk up to Mijas again! I’m looking to improve from last week’s first attempt of 15:58!

Oh, on the moving front…a friend sent me the PERFECT job listing last night, but it’s in IOWA…not exactly driving distance from Minneapolis or Colorado, huh? I’m still tinkering with the idea of applying just to get “in the practice” again. What do you think?

Let the sorting begin!
This is hubby going through all his CDs.
I think he went from 60 or so down to a dozen!

Here’s Little Bug in the snood I knitted her.
Is that how you spell snood?
Keeps her warm and soaks up the drool!


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3 responses to “5 Minute Workout: Can’t Resist the Resistance Band

  1. Jaci

    Apply. Iowa is good…I moved back here!!

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