Runners Nook: Mijas Mountain. take 1

Coming across a hill whether it’s a 10k or a marathon down-right SUCKS! As a runner,  hills are my Boogey Man. (Enter monster voice) “Mwaa Haa Haa Haa there Kristen. Say goodbye to your goal time, say goodbye!”

My first 10k, 5 years ago, I was one of those 1st-time idiots who tackled the 1 and only hill by sprinting past everyone. (I’m shaking my head and laughing to myself as I type) I learned about 2 minutes after that incident to 1.) never do that again. 2.) always prepare my legs for hills.

5 years later, with 3 1/2 of them being in Spain, I have learned many things about running in elevation. So…what’s worse than hills…MOUNTAINS!!

“I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!” Screams out the boogey man. Running a mountain is the Hill that NEVER ENDS! The incline keeps going and going and going and going and there is no stopping this beast until you reach the top!

Lucky me, I live on a mountain and the only way to run outdoors without getting in the car and driving down to the coast, is to suck it up and run/walk up to the local village Mijas!

Here was my journey up Mijas Mountain on Wednesday:

Finish line up there!

First walking break. I tried a walk 1, run 1 technique

Finish line at the first walk break. I opted for the camera instead of my cell phone for this run. Ohh, the sacrifices I make for my nook’s.

Finish line at walk break numero dos! It’s getting closer. So far, so good!

3rd Walking break! Getting many looks from drivers. Is it because I’m running or the camera? Starting to feel my heart and lungs in my throat!

The worst is yet to come! Ahh, the sun…I’m melting, I’m melting!

I would like to call this “THE SHIN KILLER” (wrestler announcing voice insert) because the incline must be like 20 million! This my first time running this part! Come on Waby, you can do it!

So close yet so far away.  Just entering Mijas now!

Don’t stop now! Almost there! 2 more turns!

I did it! Panting heavy, shins aching, but I did it!

15:58 of nothing but straight up the mountain! I ran about 8 of that! (Yes, that is an Iron Kids watch! I don’t like the faces on regular Iron Man watches, that and it was only a tenner. I’ve had this for 7 years!)

Oh yeah me! I’m not photoshopped in, I swear!

Mi casa from the “finish line”!

My house zoomed in.

Celebrating with the fam! The best cheerleaders there could ever be!

If you are thinking “15 minute run, what’s the big deal.” Well I’ll tell you the big deal there…next time you are on a treadmill, pump up the incline as high as it’ll go and run! And the altitude doesn’t even play into that.

I’m going to try to run/walk up to Mijas once a week if possible since it’s a great workout in a short amount of time and just darn right good for my overall training!

We’ll meet again Mijas Mountain, oh, yes, we’ll meet again!

On to the present…here is what the rest of my week looks like in terms of fitness!

Have a great weekend! Get your butt outside and enjoy the weather, you won’t regret it. Well, unless it’s blizzarding outside but you get my point 🙂




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3 responses to “Runners Nook: Mijas Mountain. take 1

  1. wow so these pics look so familiar,love it ,I finally walked the treadmill today after almost 4 month break,it will take a while to get this back to where Iwas,slow is the name of the game for me but I am energized,love to all

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