Runners Nook: Short & Sweet

Date night run Tuesday was successful! 2 miles, short and sweet! But just like last Tuesday, I was out of it. The kind of “out of it” where I was in tears due to my insane seasonal allergies, lack of sleep and Motivation Monday hangover…I was like superwoman on Monday with all my mommy/wife duties that were accomplished. They are gone now (the allergies that is) and no harm was done to little bug or hubby. But, like I said, I was OUTOFIT!

So much so that I HAD to have this before our run. (I’m showing hubby’s so that I feel less guilty!)
I have about 3 pops a month, that’s how much I could care less about this crap-of-a-drink, but here I am, consuming like a beer guzzling champ.

After those WHOPPING 2 miles, I rewarded myself for surviving Tuesday.
Yes…that is a cider, not a beer! But let me go into the important part of this picture. The FLAKE candybar! Flake’s are the bomb! I was going to take a pic for all the U.S. peeps but the Cadbury sugar rush took over my body and it was gone before I knew what had happened! Whatever they put into their chocolate should be made illegal! I am in chocolate nirvana when a Cadbury enters my hand.

Today was going to be a chillout day in the world of fitness, but I’m feeling a bit giddy. Perhaps I’ll walk/run up to Mijas after supper and meet little bug and hubby at the top.
Yes…up there! It’s as bad as it looks too. But get this…when my parents have stayed with us, they would walk up there everyday!! I have the best fitness rolemodels! Anyways…wish my knees luck!

P.S. If you enjoy reading my blog, please scroll up and click on the Top Fitness Blog icon for me on the left. I’m trying to get ranked and spread to word of fun, creative ways to stay in shape! Cheers 🙂

IN THE CUE: 5 Minute Workout: Cardio Blast


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