Nutrition Nook: Avocado Spread

I think that you are either an avocado fan or you are not an avocado fan. Obviously since I’m writing about this, I am the former; but even if you hate avocados, I urge you to get to the store (right now as you read), pick yourself a gently squeezeable avocado and report back to this post! GO!

Ok, let’s continue!

Avocados are one of those amazing super foods. It’s packed with tons of good bits like fiber, Vit K, folate, Vit C, B vitamins and the good-for-you-fats! Oh, and it’s great for the skin! It doesn’t get much better than that!

This is a great work snack but it kind of requires a kitchen area which is the only downer. When it’s all combined it really satisfies the sweet-3:30pm-cravings and will keep you satisfied until supper time. Here we go!

1/2 avocado
Yogurt or Cottage Cheese (you need about 1/4 cup)
Base of your choice (cracker, pita bread, toast, rice cake)

Yogurt/Cottage Cheese with avocado you wonder? Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! If you have baby yogurt, this is a super healthy lunch for the baby as well!




If you are using pita bread, I recommend popping it in the toaster for a crispy effect!

So does this fulfill the Work Snack Checklist?
Sweet: check (yogurt/cottage cheese)
Crunchy: check (base of cracker/pita…)
Salty: check (if you use cottage cheese, add salt, or use a salty cracker)
Healthy: check
Easy: 1/2 check (if you don’t have a kitchen at work, this could get messy)

Our neighbor has an avocado tree! I’m always hoping some will fall on the ground as I walk by, but no luck yet 🙂

Date night tonight! 2 miles with the hubby (well, I’m saying 2 but hoping for more) followed by a celebratory drink is just what the doctor ordered. Well, I don’t know what kind of doctor but I’m sure there’s one out there!

P.S. Thank goodness for spell check, I was spelling Avocado as “Avacado” ha! I was once a great speller!


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