Runners Nook: Weekend Running

Weekend running DONE and completed!! Woo Hoo!I had a great training partner on Saturday.  Little bug enjoyed the people watching and even took a great little nap during my cool-down. This is us stretching our legs after the 4 miles.

She loves water and this fountain was the perfect distraction so mommy could get in a 15 minute stretch! After our trip to the fruitman for avocados and peaches, I was famished and dug right into a brie and cranberry sandwich on a whole grain baguette.

Little bug even had to wait for her diaper to get changed. Gross, I know. but there was a seriously empty tummy waiting for this.

The rest of my day was mainly spent making a giant batch of soup for little bug and this made-from-scratch carrot cake! We were celebrating my mother-in-law’s birthday and I wanted to make her favorite cake.

God bless the Betty Crocker website. She is my go-to-gal when it comes to cakes and frostings!

Daylight saving time in Europe took place and that combined with the cake and wine and little sleep…well needless to say tunes were needed for this 7 mile Sunday run. The Ipod was dead on its heels but luckily for me I still have my “vintage” Mp3 player.

I didn’t even check the tuneage…so what do you think was the first song to blast into my ears?

Dixie Chicks “Ready to Run”

I was pumped! Dixie Chicks bring me back to good ol’ SD and my fabulous friend Andrea. I was more than pleased to start my run to this classic.

I was a bit ambious for this run as it included pavement, about a mile of beach running in the sand, a bit of trail and 6 HILLS. Not little bumps either. I’m talking proper dog-panting, sweat-dripping, arms-pumping hills! My favorite aspect of hills…finishing them! My 15 minute stretch was heaven.

Today was a 3 coffee day needless to say. I set a horrible (but realistic) example and had dessert again around 1 with some leftover carrot cake but redeemed myself with a mega healthy, nutrient packed supper of chicken breast (with garlic salt, onion powder and herbs), roasted sweet potatoes (with nutmeg and cinnamon), and carrots and parsnips (with a sprinkle of salt)!

I hope all of you had a fantastic weekend! Did any of you have a good run this weekend? What kind of tunes do you prefer to run to?




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2 responses to “Runners Nook: Weekend Running

  1. I had a pretty good run on Saturday, although I split it into 2 segments instead of doing it all at once. Running always makes me feel so alive and accomplished!

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