Runners Nook: Let the training begin!

I have officially chosen my first post-baby marathon! Woo Hoo! Three cheers for Kristen. Hip-hip hooray! Hip-hip hooray! Hip-hip hooray! Oh crap…wait a minute…


I haven’t run more than 8 miles in one go in about 2 years! Ahhhhhh, I knew it was too early for celebrations.

I love marathoning. I love the training. I love the gear. I love the anticipation. I really love all the extra food I get to eat. I even love the power gels. I love those last 50 yards before the finish line and the tears start to well up and you feel so overwhelmed by a million emotions from pain to pride. I just love those 26.2 miles!

What I DON’T love is the fact that I am not in running shape. Not at all. Since our treadmill went bust, I only run 2 and if I’m really lucky, 3 times per week. My last run kind of scared me because I really felt pain in my knees after about 5 miles. How the heck am I going to do this?

I’m no expert by any means but after completing 3 marathons (Twin Cities, Dublin, Barcelona), I do know what to do and what not to do. And what I learned after Barcelona is not to skimp on training.

My 1st Goal:
From now until my official training start date, I would like to get back up to running 3 to 4 times a week with Sunday being able to get in 8-10 miles. That training start date is (gasp) April 21st according to That gives me less than a month to re-form those running habits!

Why an Asics plan?
No reason really. I was actually picking out my birthday shoes (there’s a nice subtle hint) on the Asics site and stumbled across their training programs. I punched in my dates and goal and viola…there was my training plan. I like it because it’s not as demanding as some of the Hal Higdon’s plans I’ve previously done. Don’t get me wrong, if I did not have my precious little bug, and an across the globe move to worry about, I’d probably stick with Hal. (I like his plans so much that we’re on a first name basis.) Plus, I just want to try something different. Maybe I’ll love it, maybe not.

So, which marathon did I decide on?


Wait for it

MARATHON CHOSEN IS…RUN CRAZY HORSE, October 2 in good ol’ sweet South Dakota! No eye rolling people. Come on, I grew up in South Dakota, it might be nice to actually run a marathon there. Plus I’ll have just reentered the US and have no idea where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing so picking my first post-baby marathon in the area my parents live makes sense in a million ways. And, how cool would it be to start at Crazy Horse!

I’ll also be doing the Leading Ladies Half Marathon in Lead-Spearfish, SD on August 21st. So if anyone wants to join me. Let me know!

Because I love the whole process so much, I’ll be sharing my nutrition and resistance plans as well throughout the next few months. I can feel the excitement in all of you right now šŸ™‚

To start on my pre-training goal, this is what I’d like to do this weekend! Wish me luck!

COMING SOON: Mommy & Baby Moves: the basics (part 2)


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