First Bike Ride of 2011!

A letter to my baby:
Hey there little bug. Sorry that your mommy was out of it yesterday. The sky was not very motivating or energizing.
I skipped my morning coffee and swapped it for some homemade honey, lemon and ginger tea. I blame 75% of my mood on this. I’m so sorry you had boring Mommy.
It was just one of those days! And you were trying to hard to get my attention.
But let’s be honest. I wasn’t that out of it.

You discovered the plants while mommy did an obstacle course out back.
30 minutes you were entertained and hopefully you learned the words “no eat.” And,  mommy was finally energized after endless jumping jacks.

And you took a fantastic nap while mommy got to wash her hair! (Yay me)

I finally did have that coffe. And our day changed from there 🙂
Normal mommy was back in full swing and we went on one of our nature walks! We both needed some fresh air.
I pointed out all the plants which I love to do. You weren’t too impressed though unless you got some in your mouth!
I love this area best. It’s overgrown and not maintained very well but I think that’s what gives it character.
And we both loved this bright yellow one! Next time, mommy needs to watch out for those thorns! Ouch!

I’m sorry it took until 3:00 for me to get my spunk back. I promise not to be boring Mommy again any time soon!


On another note, it was date night and although the sky was less than thrilling, the temp was lovely and a great night for our first bike ride of the year!

Hopefully I’ll be sporting less hats as I’m finally getting new highlights! It’s long overdue.
Those little dots in the water were surfers! The waves were ridiculously intense. Maybe it’s the tourist in me, but I will never tire of seeing the waves. Big or small, they are simply hypnotizing!
A celebration for our first bike ride of 2011 was celebrated in style with pints of Strongbow Cider (I swear it’s Cider and not beer, notice there is no foam on it).

I love biking with my hubby because he loves going insanely fast which kicks my butt…well kicks my legs actually. I forgot how wimpy my legs are when bike riding. I may be able to run mile after mile but I still have sadly weak legs when it comes to biking. Does anyone else ever get that!?

This ended up being a great day. I hope that more date nights involve bike riding or jogging together. The couple that works-out together works out in the end! (It would be better if it rhymed but that was the best I could come up with)



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2 responses to “First Bike Ride of 2011!

  1. so cool,love these blogs

  2. You and your husband are so cute! I love taking bike rides with my hubby, too. SO much fun and such a good workout!

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