Nutrition Nook: Crunchy PB Cakes

A good snack needs to have 4 qualities: sweet, crunchy, salty, healthy…the other bonus is easy! I was asked by a friend to share some easy and healthy snacks to make at work when the 3:30 munchies kick in. I have 3 in my back pocket but I’ll share the easiest one today.

Work snacks need to
a.) be simple to make
b.) have easy ingredients for storing in your desk drawer
c.) fill that craving to get you by until supper time
d.) be healthy so that you don’t consume your daily calorie intake at the vending machine

Let me introduce you to my Crunchy PB Cakes.

Rice cakes (or crackers)…p.s. plain rice cakes are ridiculously cheap and make this a lot better
Peanut Butter*
Banana (1 banana is enough for 2-3 cakes)
**If you are not a fan of PB or honey, substitute jam or other likeable spread

…Now, here’s step one. Assemble. Rice cake, PB, Honey, Banana

Listen carefully for this next step…EAT. I recommend a napkin for ooey, gooey honey spillage and ice-cold milk for extra “mmm, mmm, mmm” factor!

I mean, what could be better?! This fulfills all work snack checklist demands:
Sweet: check (Honey).
Crunchy: check (rice cake).
Salty: check (Peanut Butter).
Healthy: check (Banana and the whole thing combined).
Easy: ALL ingredients can be stored in your desk drawer!

Oh my goodness. I love that sticky, sweet goodness that can only come from the combination of PB and honey!

STOPPIN’ BY TOMORROW: 5 Minute Workout: Bikini butt and legs



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3 responses to “Nutrition Nook: Crunchy PB Cakes

  1. Looks good. I substitute the rice cake for a whole wheat English muffin in the morning. I will have to try this as a snack after lunch.

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