Mommy & Baby Moves: Walking Squats

I am now at the stage where my little bug is a pain in the back…literally. About 2 days after she mastered crawling, she decided that she just had to jump straight to walking. Adorable, yes but at 5’8 (which isn’t very tall really), my back can only last so long while traipsing around the yard.

I thought of these little exercises about 2 months ago when my back couldn’t take it anymore. You’re gonna feel a bit funny doing them…perhaps even slightly ridiculous…but I’m tired of my lower back feeling like I’m in my late 50’s instead of my late 20’s.

Get into a plie squat position with your baby, stay in the squat position and take little steps forward as your little one walks forward. Ahh…a nice flat back = a nice happy back!

She loves being on her feet and this is a perfect way to make her happy, save my back from aching later and the little leg workout is a bonus!

For this exercise, try to get into as low of a squat as you comfortably can and then take little steps backwards, staying in the squat position while baby steps forward. I’m pretty weak on this one and can only last about 30 seconds. It’s a killer on the quads!

She’s growing like crazy so I better get a move on and snap some pics of all our little moves otherwise she’ll be too heavy to lift!

How was your weekend? The sun cleared up just for the weekend (rain is back today though…pooey) and we had a great weekend. I wanted to crash into my soft bed at 8pm last night but luckily the hubby convinced me to stay awake…even though that consisted of watching New Moon in bed and flipping through magazines!

This week is baby food week. Groan from my corner! Every single day, which started on Saturday, I NEED to make something different for little bug as our freezer reserves are running very low. (We actually have room in it, this is how I know!)

Saturday was a chickpea dish and today was lentil, sweet potato, apple and carrot soup (yes, all that in 1 soup!). Wish me luck!

Ok…sorry…I couldn’t help myself. I just took this a few hours ago. Her nana knitted this beret for our Paris trip in 47 days (not really counting, I swear). If I poof it up it could double as a baker’s hat! Ha, ha, ha! Now she just needs a matching apron and she’s ready to cook her own meals.

Happy Motivation Monday everyone!

COMING TO A BLOG NEAR YOU: Nutrition Nook: the PERFECT midday snack! (hint-crunchy, salty, sweet and healthy)



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2 responses to “Mommy & Baby Moves: Walking Squats

  1. What a super Model you have on your hands,she is a natural and we just love these posts

  2. Rondi

    That beret is very cute..would her nana like to share the pattern or where to find it..but maybe it’s way too complicated for this little knitter…

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