Nutrition Nook: Adios beer

Dear Beer,

We’ve only been reunited for a few months now and we’ve had our good times but I’m sorry to say that this is goodbye. Well, it’s not really goodbye, it’s more of a “I’ll see you soon.” You see Beer, it’s Lent and my hubby and I need to give up something this year. Chocolate & I, and Coffee & I, well, we have such a strong bond that I simply cannot let go.

You are not the healthiest for us either I must admit. Sorry, someone had to tell you. I’m not angry, I promise. It’s not you, it’s me. I want to do a marathon when I move back to the states, and let’s be honest, whenever we meet up, I seem to want to sleep in the next day.

Trust me Beer this is hard for me too. Nothing pleases me more than our meet-ups on Tuesday nights and occasionally on the weekends.

It won’t be long though, just until Easter. Just think, it’s almost daylight savings time and then it’s not too much longer after that. You’ll be missed.

I’ll miss you on those sunny Sundays

I’ll miss you when chillin’ with friends

I’ll remember our good times

Until we meet again,

What are you giving up for Lent? Not Catholic? Neither is my hubby. He uses Lent as an excuse to be a little bit healthier. Not a bad idea, huh!



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3 responses to “Nutrition Nook: Adios beer

  1. Don’t feel Mr. Beer. I’ll drink Kristen and Alec’s share! 😉

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