Lookback: Pregnancy 1 Year Ago

This week last year I was 6 months pregnant! I know I’m going to create some enemies with this statement, but here it goes – I loved being pregnant! I don’t know why…maybe it was the fact that my inner Virgo – Type A – control freak really took center stage. Whatever it was, I’m so thankful. I never experienced sickness, never had any serious cravings, was never uncomfortable and luckily continued with workouts as usual until the day before she was born. (I felt a lot of groans from you all…sorry.) I’m also thankful that I journaled most days of my pregnancy. You think you’ll remember every detail during those 9 months, but you don’t…especially when “pregnancy brain” kicks in. Then of course “Mommy brain” develops and, well,  it’s all downhill from that point.

Here’s a look at what I was eating 1 year ago today:

9:30- 2 bites of leftover pork stir fry, 1/3 Herbalife smoothie with berries and yogurt

10:30- 2 slices fresh bread with butter, cinnamon and sugar

1:30- Coffee

2:30- Bowl pea soup with banana

4:00- 4 chocolate squares

6:00- 2/3 frozen herbalife shake

8:30- 3 toastada crackers with butter

9:30- Baked chicken breast with roasted pumpkin

11:30- Small slice of chocolate cake

OMG…typing that out was hilarious for me. Every 2 seconds I was eating. How funny. I was really conscious of everything I ate. I always wanted to get as much fruit and veg in as I could. The Herbalife smoothies were my lifesaver. My work days were insane back then and they helped me get in extra nutrients; plus, it was an easy was to get in extra fruit and calcium from the milk and yogurt!

Here were the notes from that day.

Exercise- Treadmill: 40 minutes (26 min. run)
Yoga stretches: 15 min
Resistance band workout: back, chest, biceps, shoulders, legs

I’m signing off  to my second trimester. Overall, it was great and dead-easy. My back is feeling much better lately (I think I had just been to the chiropractor). Running going well. Baby moving tons. The highlight was our trip to England over our 1 year anniversary. I celebrated 6 months tonight in style with a nice 90 minute bath.

Well, I at least gave it to you short and sweet!

This picture was taken February 25, 2010 which was our 1 year wedding anniversary (civil ceremony in Gibraltar). P.S. That was the dress I wore for that wedding!

My 6 golden pieces of pregnancy and newborn mommy advice
– Read about being a new mommy. Reading about pregnancy is great, but learn about sleep schedules/techniques, breastfeeding and such now and then re-read after the baby is born.

-Get recommendations from friends about baby gear. Find out what they “couldn’t live without,” and what was a complete waste of money.

-Remember that baby raising is completely different now compared to when you were raised or even from 5 years ago. You will hear a lot of “…in our day we…”! Trust YOUR instincts, you know what’s right for YOUR baby.

-After the baby is born, get an hour to yourself each day as soon as possible. You will not regret this. I started working out as soon as my body felt ready and this gave the grandparents some time with her.

-On the grandparent note…remember that they were once new parents too. They know what they are doing. Trust them with your baby. (Unless they are complete nutters of course!)

-Get out on a date with hubby/partner as soon as you can. 4 weeks after little bug’s birth, we went to Eclipse after we put her to bed. Those 2-3 hours felt like 10! Again, it’s simply trusting the grandparents/caretaker of your choice.

Here are some fun preggie pics!

25 weeks. This is the week where the baby takes a big growth spurt (or is it the baby?!)…

29 Weeks & 30 Weeks

March, 10 2011. Little bug 9 months next week.
I loved pregnancy but love holding this better!

I’ve had quite a few messages about pregnancy and post-pregnancy exercises that I did. I’ll try and get some pictures taken once the rain clears and post something next week!

WAITING IN THE CUE: I have no idea! Grrrr… Stay tuned to find out!


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