Nutrition Nook: Soup Made Easy

Will I ever feel my toes again? Will I ever be able to walk around the house without 2 layers of socks on? I live in Spain so therefore we must not get winter! Oh how I wish that statement was true. Once acclimatized, 50 degrees here is equivalent to about 20 back in the midwest. And houses here, they are built to deal with the insane summer heat, not the damp, ugly, gray coldness…which means no central heating and our floors are tiled and there isn’t a sign of carpet anywhere. Carpet…ahh, just the thought of stepping out of bed onto carpet almost makes me warm…almost! So yes, we do get our version of winter here.

Last year when I was pregnant, we had 3 miserable months of non-stop rain. Talk about going stir-crazy! I remember spending my Sunday’s making soup for the entire week, sometimes even 3 different kinds in one go! Soups for me are hands-down the perfect lunch in the winter. Placing my hands around a bowl of steamy soup…ahh, that’s comfort right there. Pair it with a few slices of fresh bread and we’ve got ourselves a sweet meal. This was another huge pregnancy staple for me – Cheap, Easy and Healthyand such an easy way get in your veggie quota for the day. Simply cut up some veggies and throw them in a pot – that’s my idea of cooking! Or even easier, tear open a bag of frozen veggies, throw them in a pot – that IS my idea of cooking!

Once little bug started solids, it was a perfect time to start-up my soup skills! I’ll show you how I make carrot soup, but all you have to do is substitute your choice of veggie(s) in for the carrots.

Ingredients: 1 bag carrots (1 kg or 2.2 lbs), 1 onion, 1 leek, 1 veggie stock cube, spices/herbs of choice, oil or butter.

The leek, onion, stock cube and even the butter/oil are all optional, but I have found that these things make it taste better. If you are not a fan of the strong veggie flavor, add a few potatoes!

For my spices, I decided on nutmeg and ginger. When making carrot soup I also suggest coriander (none on hand) or even curry. Not pictured but added was salt and pepper.

1. Peel and chop carrots, onion and leek

2. Heat few tablespoons of butter or oil in a medium pot, add chopped onion and leek and leave to sweat for a few minutes. Meanwhile, boil a 2-3 cups of water and then dissolve the stock cube in boiled water

3. Add water/stock mix and carrots to your pot. Now add seasonings; you can always add more seasoning when done if you’re not quite sure. Bring to a boil then lower the temp a bit and cover. Simmer until carrots are very tender (anywhere from 15-20 minutes depending on how you cut the carrots)

4. Now chill out, do your taxes, sweep the floor, change the baby’s diaper, fold some laundry…

5. Blend! I like my soup really thick so sometimes I don’t even use all the liquid. If you prefer thin and runny, you may need to add a bit of extra water when blending. You can also add a bit of milk or cream if you prefer a creamier flavor. Cooking this for  baby: eliminate the stock cube and don’t season until you’ve set his/her batch aside.

6. Eat now or re-heat later, or even freeze in batches and use it for work (make sure you let soup cool first before freezing).

You see that glorious steam! Ahh, I can start to feel my toes already! Now that is some wonderfully thick-hearty-yet-sweet comfort food for the last leg of winter!

Served best with some whole grain bread for dippin’ and a tummy that needs to be filled.

Ha, this one looks like an egg! I like my soup sunny-side -up!

COMING SOON: Lookback: Pregnancy 1 year ago. Looking back at my pregnancy journal!


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