Mommy & Baby Moves: The Basics

This week’s featured Mommy & Baby Moves can be done as soon as you feel comfortable handling your baby while working out!

Experiment with different ways to hold your baby. If you have a young baby make sure the head is supported well.

My little bug is about 18 pounds now, so pushing her up is getting harder each week. I must have some wimpy arms. The overhead movement seems natural to do with a baby and the extra smiles never get old!

Uuuuggggg…that is getting harder and harder! When did my arms get so weak? Below is a variation of how you can start the exercise.

I usually pair this with the ball bridge we do together. This way we can “workout” for a good 5 minutes! I don’t know who gets more excited?!

Little bug’s been such a trooper! Her first two teeth have just cut through and she also has a terrible cough and cold. Yesterday, my hoodie sleeve served her tissue. (Yuck, I know.) But luckily she’s sleeping through the night like a pro and still getting her naps in! Happy Baby = Happy Momma!!

WAITING PATIENTLY: Nutrition Nook: Soups Made Easy (a pregnancy and winter staple)


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