5 Minute Workout: Abs (lower emphasis)

Abs, short for abdominals, right? I like my description better: ABS= Absolutely Beautiful Stomach or how about ABS= Alcohol and Beer Stomach! I wonder how many new gadgets, magic pills, extreme diets and questionable lotions have been gracing our infomercial time-slots promising that THIS…yes, THIS. IS. THE. ANSWER. TO. YOUR. FLAT. STOMACH. I can hear that deep voice-over guy now, “Say goodbye to your gym membership, eating those green vegetables and endless crunches on the ball.” (Make sure when you read that, you are doing the voice as well, there’s a much better effect!) This is actually a.k.a for, “Say goodbye to your money you stupid moron, I’m taking it in 3 easy payments of $19.99.” (Again, deep voice is good here!) Goodness, I have watched too many infomercials in my day.

Okay enough stalling, so if you are reading this, I hope that by now you’ve learned that if you really, REALLY want a nice tummy, then you have to eat very well and keep up that cardio routine in order to keep that pesky fat off your tummy in the first place. It’ll then be the ab exercises that tone and sculpt the appearance of it!

Today’s 5 minute workout targets all the abdominal muscles but there’s a bit more concentration on the lower region. I use an exercise ball in two of the moves shown but you can perform these without one. When I completed these 5 minutes, I was very glad and so were my abs!


1. Crab crawl – 30 seconds
2. Mountain climbers – 25 per leg
3. Reverse ball curls – 20-30
4. Ball exchange – 10
5. Repeat 1-4 until 5 minutes are up (no resting between exercises)

This is named exactly how you perform it: you crawl on all fours like a crab. If you can find a long enough space where you “crawl” for 15 seconds and then crawl back, that usually works best. Keep your abs tight throughout the entire exercise to avoid lower back injury. This feels funny but it’s great for the arms, core and getting that heart rate up!

Get into the plank position, bring one knee to your chest, now switch and bring the other knee to your chest. This is simply running in place in the plank position. Once you are comfortable with the form experiment with different speeds. This is another great one for the entire core as well as the arms and heart.

Again, this can be done without the ball. The ball just makes it harder. I like to keep my shoulders and head off the ground, but if that doesn’t work for you, keep your neck and shoulders down. The ball can either be placed like I have it or you can squeeze your legs around it. After 3b, bring the ball back down but do not let the ball touch the ground. I love holding the 3b position for a few seconds and really squeezing the abs and before slowly coming back down!

No, you’re not seeing double or triple…that’s 10 photos! The breakdown is that you exchange the ball from legs to arms. It’s important to keep that core extrememly tight and lower back glued down! Only go as far down as your body lets you or until your form goes off.

After this exercises go back into the crab crawl and repeat all four exercises! I can’t guarentee instant results or a money back guarentee but this is a nice challenge for the abs with a few moves that think outside the box!

COMING SOON: Mommy & Baby Moves: The Basics


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