Nutrition Nook: Coffee-ology

I feel all your eyes rolling…NO, coffee is not exactly nutritious, but it’s better than going to the local coffee chain and ordering a double-shot latte with whipped cream, caramel and extra milk every morning for $3.99! Ok, that was my speech, I’m done now.

Seriously though, coffee is a big part of many people’s lives… it’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular drinks in the world. Could you imagine if no one drank coffee? That’s unpleasant and just the thought makes me a bit crabby!  I am more than obsessed with the cafe culture Europe is quoted as having.  I can’t think of anything better than picking just the right setting where I can sit and people-watch while  sipping a strong, steamy cafe’ con leche’ (U.S translation: coffee with milk, British translation: white coffee) but unfortunately I do not live walking distant to the nearest cafe’ so I must break out the instant powder. This technique is compliments of my sister and her partner, I like to think of it as a wake-your-butt-up-in-the-morning-yummy-tasting Coffee!

I’ve specifically chosen to feature this because I just got back from roadtripping to Madrid (started at 2:15am, and now back at 9pm)  in order to submit some of my hubby’s US paperwork. I’m sure I’m going to need many of these come Thursday morning!

Ingredients: milk, coffee grounds, sugar, cinnamon,  and chocolate sprinkles. The last three ingredients are optional as all taste buds are different.


The secret component in this coffee is the MAGICAL SPOON (shown below). See how it glows and shimmers with that little halo overhead! It measures out the perfect amount of coffee; I think it’s somewhere between a teaspoon and a tablespoon. My sister actually gave me one of theirs!

Ok, let’s make that coffee!

1. Boil kettle and heat desired amount of milk. I like mine more “latte style” so I heat about 1/3 cup of milk for 40 seconds. Do not let milk boil.

2. While that’s boiling/heating,  measure out a heaping spoonful of coffee grounds then add your desired amount of sugar. (pictured)

3. Using your spoon, measure out 3 spoonfuls of boiling water.

4. Another secret: the “spinner”  (shown above) is the key to the coffee’s consistency. If you do not have a spinner, a fork will be fine, it’ll just take a little more whipping power from your arm.


5. Spin coffee/sugar/water mixture until it is thick and foamy (as shown above). If you are using a fork, this may take a few minutes; if you have a spinner, only a few seconds! Don’t over spin though otherwise half your mug with consist of foam!

6.  Stir in milk. Add a dash of cinnamon.

7. Slowly stir in water. (Not pictured…ran out of hands!)

8. Top with chocolate sprinkles and enjoy!! In the afternoon, it always tastes better with a little treat!!!!

Yes, I do have a minor obsession with my coffee, but even if I’m pressed for time, I won’t make it any other way! Even if I had a proper coffee machine I STILL wouldn’t make it any other way. (This is less clean up as well!)

My little bug was a bit out of it the other day and today as well with her grandparents! She didn’t even enjoy going for a walk by the sea! She’s 8 1/2 months and we are still waiting on some teeth; we think it’s coming soon.

This is for all you hard-working Mom’s/Mum’s out there!
(Dad’s/Papa’s too, but I don’t have that mug)




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7 responses to “Nutrition Nook: Coffee-ology

  1. Sounds awesome and looks even better!!!

  2. Love that you took a picture of THE SPOON! Am actually sipping on one of those famous coffee now… Perhaps I should open a coffee shop with my now famous, original recipe! 😉 xxxxxx

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  7. Marie

    Whoa I love your website! And this coffee looks delicious, I can’t wait to make it.

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