5 Minute Workout: Lower Body Blast

This week’s 5 Minute Workout is guaranteed to leave you out of breathe! Hey…wait…don’t stop reading…and don’t go all wimpy on me now fitness junkies!! How else could you get a lower body workout in 5 minutes? Again, like last week, success is performing each exercise one after another. I threw in some plyometrics to get that heart rate going wild and really get those muscles saying “are you freakin’ kidding me.” Plyometrics are excellent to incorporate into your training especially if you play any sports and want to improve performance and increase speed.


Adjust reps as needed

  1. Side lunges – 15 per leg (alternate)
  2. Jump squats – 10
  3. Reverse lunges – 15-20 per leg (alternate)
  4. Plie’ jump squats – 10
  5. Repeat 1-4 until 5 minutes are up

I look so dopey! Ha, ha, he, he

This is hands down my ultimate favorite leg exercise because the next day…hello inner thighs! Forget those inner/outer thigh weight machines…this exercise kicks it up old school and you can do it anywhere! It’s a great burn is what I’m trying to say.  Here are a few quick tips:   foot and knee need to point in the same direction, keep both feet flat on the floor, and that toe touch I’m doing will give a little extra umph to the hamstring area!

When landing, try to come back into starting position or as close to it as possible. Try not to pause inbetween reps.


Reverse lunge means you are stepping back into a lunge (not forward). My knee looks like it’s touching the ground but it’s really not. Try to get the knee down as far as  you can.


HolyMoly action pictures are hard!

Like jump squats, try to land in your starting position. To make this harder, click heels together at 4.b! This is another great inner thigh burner!

After completing this move, circle back to exercise 1 and repeat until your 5 minutes are up. I hope you feel this as much as I do.

This weeks photos were taken on my inlaws front lawn. It’s such a serene place and with a postcard view!

Please caution: there is greater risk of injury doing plyometrics so please make sure you are on a stable surface, not severely overweight and use proper form.

NEXT UP TO BAT: Mommy & Baby Moves: Pilates “Roll-Up”


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