LookBack: Thirsty Thursday

I heard we’re supposed to get 8 glasses of water a day huh?  That boils down to 2.5 liters a day.  Water is refreshing, suppresses appetite, prevents bloating and improves muscle tone, that’s great and all but did I make that quota?  You betchya! See why Thursdays (especially this one) make me so THIRSTY!

View from my deck at 7:45am…the Mediterranean never gets old!


Morning staples: water bottle and coffee


Before waking little bug up, I drank 1 liter (bottle holds 1.5 liters) and my delicious coffee. (I won’t be counting coffee into the equation as it’s a dehydrator)

Little bug up, fed, and clothed,  filled up water bottle and was out the door

9:15am:  take little bug to the sea to look at the waves…the sea air makes me thirsty


10:00: I pass this dessert cafe’ and get a bit thirsty. MMMM…bitesize tarts!


10:30: Water fountain in the town square…all that trickling is making me thirsty (and I need a bathroom at that thought)

11:00: Holy crakerjacks batman, it’s 85 degrees, I’m in jeans, little bug just fell asleep in her stroller and it’s a long way back to the car…I’m doubly thirsty now!


You keeping track? That’s almost 3 liters already and I still haven’t found that bathroom!


Noon: back home. Little bug is showing her water skills too! That reminds me… I’m thirsty.

Found that bathroom (I was in pain I tell you) and filled my bottle…then proceeded to guzzle most of it making that glug, glug sound with happiness and enthusiasm!

Baby — nap time
Mommy — work time

2:30pm: Another bottle refill and another coffee as we head out the door to meet our mommy/baby friends


5:15pm: Pre-Zumba snack. “These pretzels are making me thirsty.” …or in my case peanuts (sorry… if you didn’t watch Seinfeld, you didn’t get that joke)

Water refill.
Total 6 liters.
Off to Zumba with my mother-in-law (she treated me to 10 classes!)


6pm: Zumba…major fun sweat session. Ridiculously thirsty every 10 minutes. Most of water bottle is emptied by 7!!


8:45pm: Baby in bed, water bottle filled and now time for some down-home-cookin’ Midwestern Style and a little reward on this Thirsty Thursday (do you see it)…now time for some rest and Eastenders (Oh, how I hope Kat and Alfie get back together soon!)


So that’s a grandtotal of about 7.5 liters! Crazy, right? A bit over the top? Maybe. I love my water!

Thursday’s are crazy for me because I’m out of the house all day and water keeps me going and going like the Energizer Bunny! Are YOU drinking enough? Pregos and athletes need more than the standard 2.5 aqua liters a day, so get drinkin’. Did you know that most hunger isn’t hunger…it’s dehydration! Think about that before reaching for the vending machine. And guess what, 4 – 5% reduction of water in your body results in 20 – 30% decline in work performance! Just a few factoids for ya on water!

I’m out. Friday is my 2 year wedding anniversary…go us! We’ll be celebrating with a fancy- schmancy meal in old Marbella! I’ll leave you for the weekend with this fabulous saying on the back of my Zumba instructor’s tank top!

Get Fit.

Get Happy.

Well Said.



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