Nutrition Nook: Smoothies Made Easy

Little bug and I did two outdoor workouts this morning! An obstacle course on the patio (which I’ll highlight next week perhaps) and an ab workout on the lawn. It’s so warm here, I’m almost ready to declare that it’s HOT; therefore, today’s post is very appropriate for the occasion as I’m super thirsty and could go for a little summer treat!

I am a HUGE fan of smoothies!

If you’re  _________ (fill in the blank),

a.) Training for a race
b.) Getting ready for that big wedding day or other special event
c.) Pregnant
d.) Trying to lose weight
e.) Wanting to eat healthier
f.) all of the above…wait a minute, probably not the best idea…

…then smoothies a perfect snack. They’re easy, quick, tasty, and pretty to look at. (Ok, if you’re a guy you probably don’t really care.) Smoothies are like a food feng shui in my book. I personally had 2 a day when pregnant to keep energized, healthy, control cravings and cram in some extra vitamins.

This is a ridiculously easy way to “do up” your smoothie.

1 c.  Frozen fruit of your choice (I like mixed berries)
Small (4-6 oz) container of yogurt (I use strawberry to keep it sweet)
1 scoop of your nutrition or protein powder (optional)

Blend away! I use a Magic Bullet which I highly recommend!

Too thick: add water
Too sweet: add milk
Not sweet enough: add orange juice or any juice you have available
Too thin: add more frozen fruit or ice cubes
Busy all day: make 2 or 3 servings. Bring 1 to work or keep at home so you have a snack for later in the day
No frozen fruit: use fresh fruit and add 2 to 3 ice cubes to get to your prefered thickness

This is pretty much my “base” in terms of smoothies. I experiment with different yogurt flavors and fresh fruits depending on the season.

Another good combo: banana, 1 tablespoon of PB and a scoop of chocolate nutrition/protein powder. Yum, yum! Let me know any of your favorite combinations and I’ll try them out!


COMING SOON: Move of the Moment



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2 responses to “Nutrition Nook: Smoothies Made Easy

  1. Katie

    My “daily” includes a banana, skim milk, peanut butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla Arbonne powder, and ice. I look forward to it every day!

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