Mommy & Baby Moves: Ball bridge

I started doing exercises with my daughter when she could support her head, for every baby this is different.  This was the first exercise I ever did with her and she still giggles with delight every time we do it. The giggles are my motivation so I pretty much do this until my butt is numb!

This works your stabilizing muscles, bum and hamstrings.

Every time you come back into the starting position, remember to squeeze your bum and hold for a few seconds.

For me, working out with baby means that all of my attention is centered on her. My form may not be perfect in order to guarantee little bug’s safety.

**Please don’t try this until your baby can support his/her own head.

Here is a variation of this Mommy Baby Move

This is a good time to get in extra kisses! Hopefully babies get the same endorphins that we do when working out!

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5 responses to “Mommy & Baby Moves: Ball bridge

  1. This is just the best time when you get to do such quality time together and what better way to bond.Love you guys

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