5 minute workout: upper body

5 minutes, that’s right, I said 5 minutes – however, there’s a catch – no resting in between exercises. Not only will this bump up your workout intensity, but you’ll be done in no time and feel a nice burn in your arms. I’m a “no-pain, no-gain” kinda girl, but I’m also a very busy person with a hundred things to do in a day, so this is my way of getting in a great tricep (and a little ab, shoulder and chest as well) workout. This is perfect to start now and get those arms looking halter-top ready for summer!


Adjust reps to your workout level.

  1. Push-ups (my love-hate exercise) – 15 reps
  2. Plank series
  3. Tricep pushups – 5-10 reps or however many you can!
  4. Tricep dips – 10-20 reps
  5. Repeat 1-4 until 5 minutes are up!

Hold each exercise in the Plank Series for 5-10 seconds

(Excuse the angles and a few form mishaps; we’re still getting used to the lighting and camera.)

This is the same as a pushup, except keep your arms tucked in by your sides (like you’re squeezing a book between your arm and body). These are harder than regular pushups, if you can’t come all the way down, simply lower yourself as much as possible.

Again, keep those elbows in and your back close to the chair.

Once you complete this exercise, start again with your pushups and repeat the cycle for 5 minutes. If your arms give out before 5 minutes, simply do as much as you can and try again in a few days!

COMING NEXT: Baby Moves…exercise you can do with your baby



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5 responses to “5 minute workout: upper body

  1. Maybe if you work with me I can look like you,okey that was funny.
    I only wish I looked that good when I was in my 20’s
    I love your idea,that is so super cool

  2. Killer! And 5 minutes is perfect! Thanks Kristen for posting. I am always looking to find ways to get a little workout in. Especially since we are getting back on spending and the gym membership was the first to go.

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